Connecting your projects makes your job easier.

Automatically move information between systems.

Get the information you need without having to think about where it lives.

Newforma Workflow Connector for Procore

It’s now easier than ever for construction and design teams to collaborate on submittals and RFIs.

Save time and reduce errors with automated transfers of construction administration items for review. Each team can use the software that they are already familiar with. There's no need to learn a different system!

Workflow Connector Benefits:

  • Increase productivity by eliminating duplicate data entry and manual file uploads / downloads.
  • Reduce review times and human errors with automated transfers of submittals and RFIs between Procore and Newforma Project Center.
  • Procore and Newforma users do not have to learn a different construction administration system.
  • Procore and Newforma users retain access to “synchronized” submittal and RFI data throughout the project.




Procore integration can save hundreds of hours per project handling RFIs and Submittals.

Cut Construction Administration steps in half.

Before the Workflow Connector for Procore:

  1. General Contractor creates submittal or RFI in Procore and sends to Design Team via email.
  2. Design Team logs into Procore and downloads all attachments.
  3. Design Team logs into Newforma Project Center logs the email as a new submittal.
  4. Design Team manually enters submittal / RFI information and adds attachments.
  5. Design Team completes the reviews in Project Center and exports completed submittal / RFI files to send to Procore.
  6. Design Team logs into Procore, re-enters the submittal response, and uploads reviewed attachments in Procore.
Before the Workflow Connector for Procore

After the Workflow Connector for Procore:

  1. Contractor creates submittal or RFI in Procore which is automatically sent to Project Center.
  2. Design Team receives submittal / RFI automatically in Newforma and completes review.
  3. Design Team sends response back from Project Center which is automatically entered in Procore.
After the Workflow Connector for Procore
"Having the submittals [from Procore] already in Newforma by the time I get to my computer has been worth its weight in gold."
Newforma customer using Procore connector

Newforma Workflow Connector for Procore in Action

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