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Share files seamlessly, collaborate effectively, and stay on track.

Get files where they need to be. Reduce errors, promote transparency, and increase efficiency.

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Newforma Project Center has a simple solution for sharing files. It’s called Info Exchange.

Although there’s an abundance of file-sharing tools on the market ⁠—DropBox, FTP, email, etc., they have limitations that can get in your way of sending the right information to the right person⁠—at the right time.

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Info Exchange Features

Speed up your reviews

There’s no time to waste when you’re processing RFIs and submittals, or when you need to get the most current drawing set out to the field. Since Info Exchange is just a website, you and your project team only need Internet access to get the documents that you need.

Everyone could use a reminder or a nudge now and then.

How many times have you sent a file transfer and then… crickets! Now external users will get email notifications when a file has been sent. And they will get reminders to download the file. This keeps everyone on track. You can even set expiration dates on time-sensitive files to add some urgency.

Sending really large files, lots of files, or lots of users? Not a problem.

Sending large files through email usually doesn’t work. Most company firewalls don’t allow them. Some file transfer software packages restrict the number of users you who can use the service (unless you want to pay more), or restrict the number of file transfers you can send. With Info Exchange, it’s not the case. Transfer away!

Did you get that file?

Did someone claim they didn’t get the file? No problem, if they did you have an audit trail of it. You’ll get a full audit trail of when the file was sent, who it was sent to, who downloaded the file, and who didn’t.

Newforma Info Exchange Benefits

Sharing documents allows your whole team to work together seamlessly, collaborate, and stay on track.

There’s an audit trail of who downloaded what and when. This promotes trust and can help to prevent disputes. There’s no more “I didn’t get that file”.

Sharing documents in a timely manner ensures that everyone is working with the same information. This helps to avoid errors, misunderstandings, and rework, which can be costly and time-consuming.

Unlike FTP, your files are encrypted so they are transferred securely.

Learn how firms like yours have benefited from Newforma Info Exchange for Project Center:

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Focus on the work you love. Let us worry about the rest.

Evergreen Engineering Improves Security and Document Management with Newforma Project Center

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