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Newforma Konekt Analytics

With Newforma Konekt Analytics you can use Power BI to leverage your data to make better decisions, allocate your resources more efficiently.

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Discover insights from your project data.

Visualize project coordination metrics and turn your data into actionable items.

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The fact is that you’re tracking a lot of information, and it’s important that you measure coordination progress instantly, to help you make better decisions for your delivery.

Newforma Konekt’s Analytics utilizes Microsoft Power BI so that you can leverage your data to make better decisions, allocate your resources more efficiently, and gain a competitive advantage.


Get up and running with insights in minutes

There’s no coding or programming needed. With the Newforma Konekt Analytics Power BI template, our expert team will help you get you started. We can even help you create and design action plans to optimize your data management strategy.

Benchmark your project performance

After a very successful project, you probably want to replicate that success! With Newforma Konekt’s Analytics, you can compare coordination performance across multiple projects side-by-side.

Manage risk proactively

Newforma Konekt’s Analytics lets you pinpoint areas of your project that are at risk of delay, and better manage your team resources proactively.


Create custom dashboards with interactive navigation.

The ready-to-use Power BI dashboard with metrics is tailored to your construction projects. Optionally, you can further customize your dashboard, or get KPI coaching from our BIM and BI experts.

Get updates automatically.

Newforma Konekt’s Analytics is designed with fully automated data updating – there’s no need to import or export data manually.

Take advantage of your dedicated data warehouse.

Newforma Konekt Analytics includes a data warehouse dedicated to your Newforma Konekt Action Item information. This lets you optimize your data analytics reporting performance.

Build on your analytics foundation.

Once you have Newforma Konekt Analytics in place, you have the option to further customize it. You can then add optional data sources, or create additional templates.

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