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Connect Your Email to Your Projects

Email management is essential for a successful AECO project. Newforma Konekt’s email features automate the work for you.

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Newforma Konekt automates email management; limiting mistakes and bottlenecks

 All email communication that flows back and forth across team members in the context of a project should be tracked, recorded, and stored for easy access by the team as a key component of the project record.


Find what you need

Easily find information, including key decisions buried in your email threads.

Keep your team informed

Keep your project moving forward, by making project email available to your team – even if, or when, a key person is unavailable.

Keep an accurate project history

To limit the risk of costly litigation, have a complete and accurate project record.

Eliminate duplicate data entry

Your team can file emails to the project directly from MS Outlook so there’s no need to disrupt existing communication tools.


File all relevant emails to the project.

Filing emails to the project ensures that critical information is available to the team members who need it. Everyone on the project who should have access to the email can easily retrieve it through Newforma Konekt. You also have the option of automatically filing previous emails in the thread.

File emails directly from Microsoft Outlook.

Newforma Konekt’s Outlook add-in enables staff members to select one or more emails to file to their project. If more than one team member files the same email, only one copy is saved. Newforma Konekt also offers intelligent email filing, based on an advanced project prediction algorithm.

File to a project email address.

Cut back the number of steps in your workflow with Newforma Konekt’s Project Email Addressing feature, which automates the filing process. Team members simply include the project’s email address on their “send”, “forward”, or “reply all” and emails will automatically be filed.

Initiate Submittal and RFI workflows directly from Outlook and an email.

Automatically add incoming emails for RFI or Submittal workflow items to projects directly from Outlook. Reduce time by eliminating the need to re-enter the information from the email in a separate form. The Newforma Konekt’s Outlook add-in extracts key information from the email, then auto-populates and logs a new Submittal or RFI in Newforma Konekt.

Search everything.

Your staff can use Newforma Konekt’s unique search to find any information that may be buried in an email or email attachment. This also includes searching by file type, which includes: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Zip, DWG, DGN, DWF, TXT, MSG, and EML.


Focus on the work you love. Let us worry about the rest

With the implementation of Newforma Konekt, the firm experienced a seamless transformation of their document filing process, streamlining it within a matter of days. By centralizing access to information within a single hub, they bid farewell to cumbersome spreadsheets and disarrayed documents, resulting in reduced billable hours

Marco D’Amico
Content Product Marketing Writer

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