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Our vision is of a CONNECTED construction industry where information is easily accessible to all who need it, where digital design and collaboration bring projects to life, and where our customers shine.

Welcome to Newforma!

Where we believe in the power of connected collaboration in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Owner (AECO) industry. We’re here to transform the way project teams work together, delivering outstanding human-made environments and maximizing efficiency through the adoption of Project Information Management (PIM) digital technologies. Whether you work in 2D, BIM, or 3D project management workflows, our solutions are designed to enhance project efficiency, organization, and collaboration.

Our Story

At Newforma, we believe in the power of connected collaboration in the AECO industry. We believe that more connected project teams lead to better project outcomes. Thanks to digital collaboration, we believe that innovation happens at the crossroads of information and collaboration. Furthermore, we achieve this by providing software that helps our customers focus on delivering an outstanding human-made environment. We dare to design the future of collaboration and project information management in the construction industry. We’re friendly and genuinely like to help people. Our values are what make us who we are.

Project Information Management: Our tools provide a comprehensive project record that enables efficient project information management. This includes organizing and accessing project data, documents, and communications.   

Project Management: Our software supports effective task management, helping you streamline project workflows, assign tasks, track progress, and collaborate with team members. It ensures that projects stay on schedule and within budget.   

BIM Collaboration and Coordination: While we’re experts in BIM collaboration and coordination, we understand that BIM may not be required for all projects. Even if you don’t use BIM, our products are for you. Our collaboration tools facilitate seamless communication and coordination among project stakeholders, ensuring smooth workflows and improved project outcomes.

Managing ever-increasing amounts of project information is something enterprises in the architecture, engineering, construction and owner/operator (AECO) space need to take control of. Whatever the source of information, from emails and drawings, to Building Information Models (BIM), to contracts and other documents, one thing is clear: there is a mountain of project information whose proper tracking will make all the difference for a successful and profitable delivery.  

Newforma Leadership Council for Women

Newforma is led by Brock Philp, CEO, whose leadership philosophy centers on customer-driven software development and nurturing a corporate culture deeply rooted in customer care.

Founded in 2018, the Newforma Leadership Council for Women (NLCW) fosters an environment where a passionate network of women is empowered to lead the next generation of successful executives. The council is guided by the mission to build confidence and expand leadership skills to support professional growth, work-life integration, and excellence.