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Newforma Konekt’s 2D/3D Viewer overview

The Newforma Konekt 2D/3D Viewer is a cloud-based model viewing platform that allows teams not working in BIM environments to navigate around IFC models.

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Newforma Konekt’s 2D/3D Viewer gives you the full context of your project.

The Newforma Konekt 2D/3D Viewer is fast-loading and lightweight, allowing you to open models and drawings with minimal delay. 

Newforma Konekt makes it easy for teams working in 2D and 3D to work together seamlessly. It allows you to identify issues, and give anyone working with BIM authoring tools the full view of tasks that need to be updated. 

The 2D/3D Viewer is also well-suited to any stakeholder that doesn’t have – or need – access to BIM/CAD software; from owners, to project managers, to general contractors, to subtrades or other stakeholders. All they need is a web browser and a link you provide, and they can view the model.


Keep the collaboration flowing.

A picture is worth a thousand words. See exactly where to focus your attention by creating Action Items and issues that are localized on the models, the sheets, or both at once. As you and your team make changes, you can inform your outside teams and send them a link to the model’s latest version.

Save time and prevent rework by visualizing your clashes.

Manage clashes and their resolution by reducing ambiguities in the model: see the problem and its associated Action Items in the 2D/3D Viewer.

Make it easy for your stakeholders to navigate the model.

By using the Newforma Konekt’s 2D/3D Viewer overlay process, all stakeholders can easily understand and navigate model designs, even if they may not be familiar with design navigation methods. You can also present your stakeholders with clean versions of your model, omitting Action Items and issues.


Auto navigate to Action Items.

The quick action shortcut will bring the user to the exact location of the Action Item or issue; it doesn’t matter what platform they were created in, Newforma Konekt integrates with your everyday BIM­/CAD Software. 

Turn Autodesk Navisworks clashes into Newforma Konekt Action Items, then retrieve them in Autodesk Revit for resolution. Do you need more information? Comment on the Action Item from Newforma Konekt and the issue will be updated in real-time.

Import an IFC file or PDF sheet.

Newforma Konekt’s 2D/3D Viewer allows you to import, display and navigate multiple IFC models or PDFs from different BIM/CAD authoring tools to create a federated model, complete with revision history.

Create and localize Action Items and issues from wherever you are.

Are you working in Autodesk Navisworks? You can use the Newforma Konekt add-in to access clashes as Action Items, then manage and resolve them. 

Would you prefer instead to work in Newforma Konekt? The connection is bi-directional, so you can access your clashes and resolve them here.

Overlay sheets on models.

Visualize 2D and 3D elements at the same time by overlaying 2D plans from PDFs onto your 3D models. Find potential discrepancies between deliverables, or simply coordinate them.

Manage multi-disciplinary coordination.

You can link Action Items and issues on the model, and assign them by discipline, helping the various team members focus on the items specific to them.

Organize file sets.

Group sheet versions by project phase, making it easier to organize and visualize sheet versions for design and constructability review sessions.

Schedule and report.

Create templates for regular coordination reports; or better yet, automatically generate and email your coordination report to the right team members at predefined intervals. You can also schedule model and sheet publication directly from Autodesk Revit, so stakeholders can always look at the latest version of the design, and be ready for commenting. No more waiting after PDF set printing for design review.

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