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BIM: the best way to coordinate construction projects.

Embracing Digital Construction For Optimal Coordination

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BIM is modernizing process for today’s construction industry.

Newforma Konekt empowers your team with better coordination workflows, from design to construction. With information at your fingertips, Newforma Konekt uses processes of Building Information Modeling (BIM) coordination to help your team better understand your project issues, and manage the coordination of stakeholders across disciplines.


Spend time where it counts

Newforma Konekt lets you establish streamlined coordination workflows, so that your team takes up less time going back and forth to figure out the project’s next steps, and more time addressing and resolving issues.

Enhance your coordination workflows with BIM

Whether you’re a designer working with an authoring software, an administrator checking your model for clashes, or you have another role in your project, you use the tools you need to accomplish your everyday tasks. With Newforma Konekt, you don’t have to give up those tools; instead, the platform enables you to manage issues from your software of choice. Connect your workflows across applications with Newforma Konekt’s add-ins.

Spend less time training, and more time doing.

Whether you’re a novice at BIM – or a seasoned expert – Newforma Konekt can get you and your stakeholders up and running in a matter of minutes. A simplified, customized onboarding process helps new users set up their account and become familiar with important Newforma Konekt basics, so that they can spend less time familiarizing themselves with the platform and more time on what's important: the project at hand.

Avoid misunderstandings by contextualizing your Action Items or issues

A picture is worth a thousand words. See exactly where to focus your attention by creating Action Items and issues that are localized on the models, the sheets, or both at once.

Make more informed decisions and manage design performance

Newforma Konekt’s web-based reporting platform turns design data into powerful information, to help you manage quality and value, and to minimize your risks within your projects.


Track what needs doing with Action Items.

Newforma Konekt’s easy-to-use Action Item tracking features helps your teams resolve BIM coordination issues more efficiently. Speed up collaboration, increase across-the-board understanding, and align the work of every team member with the Newforma Konekt platform.

See your model in 2D, 3D, or both.

Newforma Konekt makes it easy for teams working in 2D and 3D to work together seamlessly. The 2D/3D Viewer is well-suited to any stakeholder that doesn’t have – or need – access to BIM/CAD software; from owners, to project managers, to general contractors, to subtrades or other stakeholders.

Keep your project files organized.

Files used for BIM are very large, so use the File Manager to upload new files or add versions of existing files. You can also sort, move, rename, download, and delete files. If you upload a file with the same name as another one in the same folder, Newforma Konekt will detect the duplicate name and associate it as a version so that your team is working from the latest version.

Keep your office and field connected.

With Newforma Konekt Mobile, all of your project’s Action Items and BIM issues are available to you on your device. Whether you and your team are working on Action Items and issues in the office or in the field, you can create, assign, update and resolve Action Items and issues with a few taps on your screen.

Search everything.

A single search bar accesses all search functions and results. Search options are based on your Newforma Konekt package.

Focus on the work you love. Let us worry about the rest.

Evergreen Engineering Improves Security and Document Management with Newforma Project Center

With the implementation of Newforma Konekt, the firm experienced a seamless transformation of their document filing process, streamlining it within a matter of days. By centralizing access to information within a single hub, they bid farewell to cumbersome spreadsheets and disarrayed documents, resulting in reduced billable hours

Marco D’Amico
Content Product Marketing Writer

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