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Newforma Konekt streamlines construction administration.

Newforma Konekt’s construction administration features automate submittal and RFI workflows to save significant time and money on a given project.

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Save time on construction administration by automating your RFI and submittal workflows.

Delays for review and response can be costly – impacting deadlines, causing rework, and overrunning budgets. Delays are introduced with manual efforts to upload and download RFI and submittal information between construction management systems.


Save time and streamline your workflow

Log and auto-populate new RFIs or Submittals directly from an email.

Keep everyone on track

With email notifications and reminders, your team and your external stakeholders are kept in the loop.

Use add-ins to simplify your work

Forward and respond to RFIs and Submittals from the Newforma Konekt Microsoft Outlook add-in.

Save time with seamless connectivity

Newforma Konekt seamlessly integrates with other CA platforms like Procore to ensure smooth collaboration with external stakeholders.


Keep your workflow simple.

The following workflow options are available for tracking submittals and RFIs in the project.

Log Submittals and RFIs directly from Microsoft Outlook.

With the Newforma Konekt Microsoft Outlook Add-in, submittals and RFIs can be logged by auto-populating Newforma Konekt from the information contained in the email – including the attachments!

Find information in submittals and RFIs fast with search and filters.

You can search submittal and RFI data, and then filter it through a range of fields, including by:

Log submittals and RFIs easily.

The user interface across submittals and RFIs are similar, so your team can quickly get up to speed with minimal training. Drop-down menus allow for easy entry, reducing errors and missed fields. Submittals and RFIs can also be logged and responded to directly from Microsoft Outlook, using the Newforma Konekt Outlook add-in.

Track your complete Submittal and RFI workflow status.

Newforma Konekt Construction Administration workflows let your team:

In other words, get the details, view the workflows, access attachments, and see the history of who the submittal or RFI was sent to, and when it was downloaded.

Automatically sync with Procore to improve CA collaboration

It can get confusing during a project if construction and design teams use different platforms to process their Construction Administration workflows.

A general contractor would want to continue working in Procore and likely not want to learn a new platform and vice-versa for the Design Team.

Thanks to its Procore Connector, Newforma Konekt automates the transfer of RFI and submittal information, allowing contractors to continue working within Procore, while design teams can work from Newforma Konekt; simplifying the CA process across the project.

Save an average of 12 minutes every time you receive and respond to an RFI or Submittal, without sacrificing security, project integrity or protocol.

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