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Don’t waste time looking for information. Find what you need fast.

Search everything all at once…emails, PDF attachments, drawings, ZIP folders and more!

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Newforma Project Center Search will find it.

No matter what type of information, where it is located, or when it was saved

Your team can find the information they need to make informed decisions by using a single interface to search across a wide range of sources. There’s no need to search multiple folders, storage locations, or email inboxes.

Newforma Project Center Search Benefits


Designed for the Construction industry.

We designed Newforma’s unique search function explicitly for the construction industry. It finds information embedded in over 200 file formats including drawings, PDF files, email attachments, and more.

It doesn’t miss a thing.

All documents and emails are scanned and indexed, allowing any text embedded in a file to be found. You can search through thousands of project emails, PDFs, drawing files, and other file types, getting results instantly. Project teams can search across a single project or multiple projects to find exactly what they need.

Search from anywhere.

With Newforma Project Center Mobile, you can take the power of Newforma Project Center Search on the road. Search your project files and your project email from your phone or tablet. Newforma Project Center Mobile is designed to display search results in a way that makes it easy to find the information you need, no matter where you are.

Search the past.

Questions often arise regarding projects that have been completed months or even years before. Responding to questions quickly and accurately builds trust and reduces risk. There’s valuable information contained in archived project data that you need to answer questions or can be used for building maintenance or to learn for future projects.

It spans a wide range of sources

All your project information should be connected. And if it’s connected, Search will find the information you need, no matter where it’s stored.

Focus on the work you love. Let us worry about the rest

Evergreen Engineering Improves Security and Document Management with Newforma Project Center

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