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Newforma Konekt Mobile, the companion app for the cloud-based project information management platform

Managing projects in the field can be tricky, but when your teams are armed with Newforma Konekt Mobile, coordination comes easily.

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Newforma Konekt Mobile keeps your field and office teams connected.

Improve coordination between the field and office.

Newforma Konekt Mobile works on any iOS or Android device so that your job site is able to manage the day-to-day, while you keep your project on track.


Coordinate from and to the job site.

Avoid miscommunication between the office and the field with the Newforma Konekt Mobile app. Your office and on-site teams can share critical information, manage tasks, and assign and monitor Action Items and issues.

Avoid needlessly long meetings.

With Newforma Konekt Mobile, your on-site teams are able to see the exact Action Items and issues assigned to them, so that the nature of the needed work is clear. This shortens your need for constant update meetings, or email back-and-forths.

Keep your tasks at your fingertips.

For many project managers, valuable information is scattered across text messages, emails, spreadsheets… it’s confusing, it leads to delays, and it’s utterly headache-inducing! With Newforma Konekt Mobile, it’s all in one place when you’re on the go.


Track your Action Items and issues from anywhere.

With Newforma Konekt Mobile, all of your project’s Action Items and issues are available to you on your mobile device. Create, assign, update and resolve Action Items and issues with a few taps on your screen. The app also tracks all conversations and questions about an Action Item to that specific task.

Create Action Items and issues from a picture.

A picture is worth a thousand words! Create an Action Item from a picture by using your phone’s built-in camera. You can also attach a picture – or any file type – to an Action Item or issue.

Use the app even when offline.

Offline functionality is ideal for when cell service or wifi is not available on the job site. Your teams can keep track of their Action Items and issues, and update the project as they return to normal cell or wifi covered areas.

Take actions on your RFIs.

You can forward logged RFIs and take action on the next step of your workflow, such as submitting an official response and close.

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