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Newforma Konekt BIM Track Module

Overcome communication chaos in construction with Newforma Konekt and its BIM Track module! Streamline coordination, assign and track action items, view 2D/3D models, and keep teams connected in real-time. Sign up for a demo and experience headache-free collaboration: https://hubs.li/Q02fVZ-Z0

Product news

Newforma Konekt COMMS Track

Introducing: Newforma Konekt COMMS Track. This package includes all of the features of the BIM Track package… like amazing action item tracking, the 2D/3D viewer, and the most effective approach to email management available today. It's not just a tool; it's your project savior! Imagine sending or receiving project emails and filing them directly from Microsoft Outlook to the correct project flawlessly! Can't remember a key detail or need to track a contentious bit of info? Use the powerful aggregate search. Pinpoint words even if they're hiding in attachments. And if a team member's out? No sweat! All project emails are centralized, so everyone stays in the loop. No more delays! Ready to transform your construction project information management? Experience what countless AECO teams call their game-changer. Sign up for a demo and say goodbye to communication headaches! https://go2.newforma.com/book-a-demo-website

Product news

Newforma Konekt Outlook Add-In Improving Email Management

Newforma Konekt users can expand their issue management capabilities by combining the power of BIM-based issue management with the reliability of email management.

Product news

Newforma Konekt Explainer

Newforma Konekt improves communication and collaboration, reduces litigation risks, accelerates project delivery times, and keeps all information accessible and searchable for the whole team from one place. Say goodbye to record-keeping mess, frustrated stakeholders, and bloated budgets.


PIM vs. EDMS: Is your data management system hurting your company?

PIM vs. EDMS: Is your data management system hurting your company?