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Get the information you need without having to think about where it lives.

Unify your project information across applications, platforms, and servers.

Newforma Project Center Connectors unite your point solutions – don’t disrupt - unite.

Use the applications and systems that work best for your team. Newforma Project Center Connectors enable the seamless and automated exchange of project information with the software tools you currently use.
Don’t worry about where your data is…we’ll connect you to it. You can now focus on leveraging the power of your data to improve project performance, reduce risks, and increase profitability.

Newforma Project Center Connector Benefits:

Learn how our Newforma Project Center Connectors work…

Newforma Project Center Connectors for Autodesk

Seamlessly integrate your Autodesk environment with the rest of your project information.

Access, view, and share ACC documents directly from one central place - Project Center. View ACC documents alongside other related information (RFI’s, submittals, and action items). Use the power of Newforma Serach to find any item buried in an ACC document.

Integrate your models and drawings with their other project files and workflows. Project Center unifies on-premises file storage with multiple cloud storage platforms, providing you with a single place to start your day.

Integrate your workflows directly with your project models. Sheets, Spaces and Elements can be synchronized between Revit and Project Center, so you can issue drawing packages, automate punch lists, and more. Publish PDF Sheets to the field.

Now you can track clashes in Project Center and along associated Meeting Minutes, Action Items, RFIs or any other project item

Newforma Project Center Connectors for Microsoft

There’s no excuse not to file emails to your project. File emails directly from Outlook with one additional click. You can even file emails as submittals or RFIs to automate the CA workflow. Use Newforma Search to find information lost in email threads.

View, access, share, and edit SharePoint files from Project Center. SharePoint files can now be related to RFIs, submittals, action Items, or other items. Search contents of files stored in SharePoint.

Sync up your project team members in Microsoft TEAMS automatically from Project Center. This Connector adds your team members to TEAMS automatically and creates a group in TEAMS for your project.

Newforma Project Center Connectors for Construction Administration Workflows

Save time and reduce errors with automated transfers of submittals and RFIs between Procore users and Project Center. Each team can use the software that they are already familiar with. There's no need to learn a different system and no more uploads, downloads, or duplicate data entry!

If your partner is using Autodesk BIM 360 for submittals and RFIs, this Connector automates the transfer between systems. Reduce human errors, duplicate data entry, missed emails, and file upload/download issues. Nobody has to learn a different CA system and BIM 360 and Project Center users retain access to consistent submittal and RFI data throughout the project.

Cloud-hosted ConstructEx provides a structured and simplified workflow that allows contractors and subcontractors to collaborate and easily send submittals to design teams using Project Center.

Initiate collaborative markup sessions without managing Bluebeam Studio review sessions and uploading and downloading documents to maintain submittal and RFI records. You also get a detailed audit trail of Bluebeam session markup.

Connect VisiSpecs to Project Center to generate a list of Expected Submittals from a project’s Specifications. This gives all team members visibility into what submittals have been received and which are still outstanding.

Connect NBS Chorus to Project Center to generate a list of Expected Submittals from a project’s Specifications. This gives all team members full visibility into what Submittals have been received and which are still outstanding.

Additional Project Center Connectors

Connect Bentley ProjectWise to Project Center to integrate your ProjectWise managed drawings with other project files and workflows. Search contents of files stored in ProjectWise. Relate ProjectWise files to RFIs, Submittals, Action Items or any other item.

Newforma Project Center Connectors for UK Customers

Newforma’s integration with Rapport3 enables automated synchronisation between both systems, making sure that administrative workload is reduced to a minimum, while everyone on the team is working with the most current set of information.

Synchronise information within CMap to Newforma Project Center. Automatically sync contacts, companies and project ID information.