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Autodesk Autocad Plant 3D

Enhance AutoCAD Plant 3D’s powerful drafting with Newforma Konekt’s communication and issue-tracking

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Autodesk Autocad Plant 3D

Simplify your communication workflow. Newforma Konekt centralizes communications across platforms and brings transparency and efficiency to your projects. No more time wasted searching through emails and models to find and resolve the issues that matter. 

Keep track of issues across different teams and projects. Transpose issues onto different documents in the latest version. Stay up-to-date with issue resolution progress, no matter what document or design environment you’re working in. 

Track issues found during technical coordination until they’re solved. Log issues on the fly during design review and/or coordination meetings, view complex mechanical issues in 3D in Newforma Konekt’s web viewer, and share them with team members who can resolve them directly in their authoring software.

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Communicate and Track Issues

No matter your BIM authoring platform, you can track issues including between different versions of AutoCAD® Plant 3D.

Create Issue Pinpoints

Available from any given location in your 2D or 3D documents.

Create issues from a 2D plan

The plan will be available in other tools using our smart 2D to 3D conversion workflow.

Script your own Behavior

When opening issues, you can script behavior, including automatic section boxes around related elements and automatically isolating related elements.

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