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Make your project email accessible and searchable.

Don’t let critical project information get lost in your staff’s inbox.

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Email is a key component of your project record.

Make your project email accessible and searchable.

Manage Email Features

File all project-related emails to the project.

Filing email to the project ensures that critical information is available to the project team members who need it. If a staff member is on vacation, transitions to another project, or leaves the firm, valuable information communicated through email is not lost. Everyone on the project who should have access to the email can easily retrieve it through Project Center.

File emails directly from Microsoft Outlook

Getting staff members to change the way they work is difficult. With Newforma email filing options, employees don’t have to make any changes to their daily routines or learn new tools. Newforma’s Outlook Add-in enables staff members to simply drag and drop emails to their project folder, just as they would any other email they want to save in a folder. If more than one team member files the same email, only one copy is saved.

It gets even easier when you file to a project email address.

Newforma’s Project Email Addressing feature automates the filing process by enabling team members to simply include the project’s email address on their “send”, “forward”, or “reply all”. Emails will automatically be filed. If more than one team member files the same email, only one copy is saved.

Initiate submittal and RFI workflows directly from Outlook and an email.

Emails often contain information that requires an action to be taken, such as initiating a submittal, RFI, or action item. This often requires the information contained in the email to be re-entered in the system of record. Incoming emails for workflow-related items can automatically be added to project directly from Outlook. This saves a significant amount of time by eliminating the need to re-enter the information from the email in a separate form. The Newforma Outlook Add-in extracts key information from the email and auto-populates Project Center.

Emails are side-by-side with other project items such as RFIs or change orders.

It’s all about keeping project information together. All email conversations and project items such are RFIs are in one place so that you have a complete picture of the project. You don’t have to go look for information across multiple sources. Everything is linked, so you don’t have to be a detective to find what you need.

Benefits of Project Email Management

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