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Manage Action Items and Issues with Newforma Konekt

For easy AECO coordination across specialties and disciplines, so that your project is completed on time and on budget

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Manage your Action Items collaboratively

Resolve issues quickly.

Coordinate from your office or the field with Action Items or issues that are updated in real-time.

Newforma Konekt’s easy-to-use Action Item tracking features helps your teams resolve coordination issues more efficiently. Speed up collaboration, increase across-the-board understanding, and align the work of every team member with the Newforma Konekt platform.


It’s totally transparent.

Everyone can see who is responsible for what and view the current status.

Eliminate delays in communication.

Team members can comment on tasks directly without waiting on an email response. Newforma Konekt provides the essential information you need to resolve coordination. If someone spots a potential problem, they can raise a question immediately with the team. Make faster decisions on who’s going to resolve it and when.

Easy to use and adopt by any team.

Your team can comment back and forth on issues directly in their everyday software, and anyone can view the Action Item’s details.

Measure coordination progress instantly.

Your information can be displayed in the manner that works best for you, including by priority, discipline, or who the Action Item is assigned to. This enables you to focus on the metrics that best measure your project’s success.


Quick-loading dashboard.

Manage Action Items or issues collaboratively. Keep your team updated with questions, comments, clashes, or any type of task that need to be completed.

Filter and sort your Action Items.

Sort and filter your Action Items to narrow down your list and access the issues you need to find easily. Filter to track by priority, due date, who it’s assigned to, its type, its number, etc. You can also filter by discipline.

Clashes to Action Items.

If you’re using Autodesk Navisworks or Nemetschek Solibri, the clash management feature publishes detected clashes as Action Items or issues on Newforma Konekt. The suggested workflow gives the ability to quickly share clashes with all the users involved in the project, possibly using different platforms. This eliminates the need to exchange complicated Excel sheets and clash reports sent by email.

Find an Action Item in the model or sheet.

The Action Item list displays all the issues and tasks within the project. By selecting the Action Item from the list, you will be taken directly to the appropriate location in the model or the sheet, and be shown all related information.

Receive notifications on Action Items.

Receive in-app or email notifications for you and your team’s Action Items, so that you can get the right information at the pace you need.

Generate automated reports for your meetings.

Create an Action Item report on-demand, or schedule the report to run automatically. Identify high priority items with graphical display. Use graphical displays of your data to simplify your ability to analyze your Action Items, tasks, clashes, or others.

Archive or export Action Items.

You can archive issues. You can also export individual, multiple, or all Action Items to Excel or BCF.

Restrict user access to Action Items.

On an as-needed basis, you can control who can view issues by activating limited visibility mode, so that only the users involved with the Action Item have access.

See Action Items directly in your connected software.

You can access your Action Items and issues directly from the connected AEC software you already use, via the Newforma Konekt Add-ins.

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