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Newforma Workflow Connector for ConstructEx

Harness the power of Newforma’s two industry-leading software solutions, Project Center and ConstructEx

Cloud-hosted ConstructEx provides a structured and simplified workflow that allows contractors and subcontractors to collaborate and easily send submittals to design teams using Newforma’s Project Center.

Newforma Workflow for ConstructEx Connector Benefits:

  • Increase productivity by streamlining administrative tasks.
  • Improve review response times with automated workflows.
  • Reduce human errors associated with duplicate data entry, missed emails, and file upload / download issues.
  • ConstructEx and Project Center users do not have to learn a different construction administration system.
  • ConstructEx and Project Center users retain access to “synchronized” submittal and RFI data throughout the project.

ConstructEx® Connector


Fewer manual steps

when sharing RFIs and Submittals

Cut Construction Administration steps in half…

Workflow WITHOUT the ConstructEx Connector:

  1. General Contractor creates submittal or RFI in ConstructEx.
  2. Design Team receives email notification and logs into ConstructEx to download attachments.
  3. Design Team logs into Newforma Project Center, uploads attachments, and rekeys any comments.
  4. Design Team reviews submittal / RFI in Project Center and email is sent to Contractor with response.
  5. Design Team downloads attachments and transmittal from Project Center and sends to Contractor.
  6. Either Design Team or Contractor uploads attachments and records responses in ConstructEx.
Workflow WITHOUT the ConstructEx Connector

Workflow WITH the ConstructEx Connector:

  1. Contractor creates submittal or RFI in ConstructEx – it is automatically sent to Project Center.
  2. Design Team receives submittal or RFI automatically in Project Center and completes review.
  3. Design Team sends response back to Contractor which is automatically entered in ConstructEx.
Workflow WITH the ConstructEx Connector
“From what Brasfield & Gorrie typically does for submittals and RFIs, the Workflow Connector for ConstructEx was a big time and headache saver.”
Jimbo Cross, Project Manager
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