Newforma Connector for Autodesk BIM 360

Connecting project information makes your job easier

Get the information you need without having to think about where it lives.
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Connect to BIM 360 Documents and Streamline Submittal and RFI Workflows

Connecting design to your project.

The Newforma Connector for Autodesk BIM 360 allows project teams to access, share, and work with information stored across both products to streamline data sharing and RFI and Submittal workflows between design and construction teams.

Connector Benefits

  • Save time by viewing, editing, and sharing BIM 360 files directly from Newforma Project Center.
  • Search emails, drawings, and documents stored in BIM 360 without leaving Project Center.
  • Relate files from BIM 360 to other project information including RFIs, submittals, action items, and more for a complete picture of the project.
  • BIM 360 files can be shared with external team members who do not have access to Autodesk BIM 360.
  • Increase productivity by streamlining administrative tasks - no more uploading or downloading files.
  • Improve review response times with automated workflows.
  • Reduce human errors associated with duplicate data entry, missed emails, and file upload/download issues.
  • BIM 360 and Project Center users do not have to learn a different construction administration system.
  • BIM 360 and Project Center users retain access to consistent submittal and RFI data throughout the project.

Work seamlessly with other project team members to share files from BIM 360.

Before the Newforma BIM 360 Connector:

  1. Newforma Project Center users must first log into BIM 360
  2. Download BIM 360 files to Project Center
  3. Log back into Project Center
  4. Share BIM 360 files with project team through Newforma's Info Exchange
Before the Newforma BIM 360 Connector

After Newforma BIM 360 Connector:

  1. Newforma users accesses BIM 360 files directly from Project Center to share through Info Exchange.
After Newforma BIM 360 Connector
“Before the Newforma Connector for BIM 360, we had a full-time staff member transferring and uploading files from BIM 360 into Newforma Project Center. Now, he saves five to eight hours a week in administrative tasks.”
Greg Hempstead, Project Delivery Associate
Schmidt Associates
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Working Better Together

How Firms Use Newforma Project Center & Autodesk BIM 360

Most design firms utilize a wide range of software applications that work best for the task at hand. However, project teams are often required to use a variety of other software tools for construction administration, field management, and document control creating silos of information. Together, Newforma and Autodesk are breaking down these silos between design and project information.
  • Newforma Project Center and Autodesk BIM 360 work well together because firms can benefit from BIM 360’s powerful model collaboration tools and Project Center’s ability to unify all project information from many different sources.
  • Project Center users can access and work with all project files (internal servers, SharePoint, etc.) including BIM 360 files from one common interface which improves productivity.
  • Project Center users can share BIM 360 files with external users who do not need all of the complexity of BIM 360.
  • Project Center provides a consistent way of sharing through one process and one platform. Project Center provides an audit trail to track what information was shared with who and when.
  • Submittal and RFI workflows between BIM 360 and Project Center have been automated to improve productivity by eliminating time spent on manual upload and download of files.
  • Project Center enables BIM 360 files to be related to any other documents including submittals, RFIs, action items, and other contract documents.
  • Connecting Autodesk Navisworks to Project Center allows multidisciplinary teams to track and manage clashes in a centralized way. Newforma provides an integrated dashboard of all project items that need attention.
  • Integration of Autodesk Revit and Project Center allows design teams to integrate their workflows directly with the project’s models. Sheets, Spaces and Elements can all be synchronized between Revit and Project Center to facilitate issuing drawing packages, automating punch list workflows and more. This integration also supports auto naming of sheets based on custom Revit sheet parameters to comply with ISO standards.