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Newforma Konekt Optimizing Workflows For Petrovick Architects

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Maximizing Productivity and Improving Efficiency With Newforma Konekt

Michael Petrovick Architects PLLC

Michael Petrovick Architects PLLC, a thriving architectural firm based in Amesbury, Massachusetts, expertly manages multiple projects concurrently, earning a stellar reputation throughout New England. They sought to optimize their operations by eliminating time-consuming tasks like filing and tracking RFIs and Submittals, tracking action items, and managing project communications like email management.

That’s when they discovered Newforma Konekt.

“After evaluating various solutions and nearing a decision, we were introduced to Newforma Konekt, which turned out to be the perfect fit.”

Unleashing the Power of Efficient Workflow:

With the implementation of Newforma Konekt, the firm experienced a seamless transformation of their document filing process, streamlining it within a matter of days. By centralizing access to information within a single hub, they bid farewell to cumbersome spreadsheets and disarrayed documents, resulting in reduced billable hours. Collaborative efforts were amplified as emails and data flowed effortlessly among internal and external stakeholders, facilitating swift design reviews and responses. The substantial reduction in workflow time allowed the firm to allocate more resources to additional projects, unlocking new revenue opportunities.

“Newforma Konekt granted us the freedom to take on more work and focus on the aspects of the industry we are truly passionate about.”

User-Friendly Simplicity

The onboarding process for Newforma Konekt proved to be a breeze, with employees seamlessly adapting to the platform within minutes. Filing emails and processing RFIs and submittals became lightning-fast tasks, revolutionizing the firm’s productivity. Distinguishing itself from previous solutions, Newforma Konekt also simplified the onboarding process and reduced IT costs by leveraging its SaaS platform. By eliminating the need for expensive hardware and IT infrastructure, the firm redirected funds to other ventures, fostering further growth and success.

“It is a cost-effective solution that saves us significant time.”

Pioneers of Success

Michael Petrovick Architects PLLC was among the first firms to embrace Newforma Konekt, reaping remarkable rewards. The platform revolutionized their document management, project coordination, and information workflows, creating a faster and more efficient working environment. Armed with newfound capabilities, the firm confidently tackles larger workloads, takes on more projects, expands their range of activities, and solidifies their brand recognition throughout the greater New England area.

“To anyone in the industry, I wholeheartedly recommend Newforma Konekt. It is a game-changer.”

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