Why PIM?

The Power of Project Information Management

Newforma created the Project Information Management (PIM) software category to improve information management, communication, and efficiency across the design-build project lifecycle.

What is PIM?

A key challenge in delivering large scale, long-term construction projects is effectively managing project information. Project teams must understand the risks and costs associated with delays and errors due to mismanaged project information, manual administrative processes, and workflow inefficiencies plaguing the project lifecycle.

Project Information Management (PIM) is a software solution that unifies project data and email across a variety of applications, platforms, and storage locations. PIM enables project teams to easily find and access the information needed to make better decisions and keep the project on track.

As the industry progresses towards increased digitization, the volume of data generated and managed by design, engineering, and construction teams will grow significantly. Active projects can generate in excess of 25,000 project-related emails in a single year. And architects and engineers are generating millions of project files – all subject to retention and archiving requirements.

Lack of coordination costs architects and engineers billions every year.

60 Days

The average amount of time employees spend each year searching for project information *

13 months

the average length of a dispute **


of projects underperform ***


of projects miss their original project deadline ***


of projects go over budget by 10% or more while profits decrease by ~3% ***

* The social economy: Unlocking value and productivity through social technologies. McKinsey
** ARCADIS Global Construction Disputes
*** KPMG. Construction Financial Management Association, Dassault Systems, US Department of Commerce Technology Administration
The climate of our industry today and the increasingly complex project delivery model – complex partnerships, varying contractual relationships, digital data requirements, and the need to centralize the project record – makes solutions like Newforma necessary.
Greg Hempstead
Schmidt Associates

Newforma’s PIM solution is designed to unite point solutions – not replace them.

Project teams do not work in a vacuum – project delivery is collaborative. And project teams are distributed – across multiple locations, firms, and disciplines.

Most design and engineering firms rely on multiple point solutions throughout the project life-cycle – each with their own data silo. But firms have invested heavily in these applications.
Information – regardless of where it resides or who generated it – is at the heart of your organization. Project information management is more than just the ability to manage information, it also provides business intelligence value to your projects and your business. Newforma’s PIM solution connects all sources of project information together, regardless of its location.
Project Center has literally become the one-stop-shop for all our project team members. They can access information from the project directory, regardless of where they are. If you look at any product on the market today, there isn’t a single product that can possibly provide as many integrations.
Albert Wu

Leverage the power of your data

Newforma’s PIM solution creates an environment where data, processes, and people are connected at the core of your firm’s data strategy. You can now focus on leveraging the power of your data to improve project performance, reduce risks, and increase profitability.