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Manage Email

Managing hundreds of emails a day—across all your projects—can be a daunting task.

Capturing and organizing project-related email messages as part of the project record ensures other team members have access to important project communication to make timely decisions.
  • Keep it simple. File project emails directly from Microsoft Outlook™ at your desk or on your phone. Intelligently file emails with suggested projects and automatically for emails that are part of a thread or for others on the communication.
  • File emails to the project – not to the person. If someone leaves the project, the information doesn’t follow them out the door - with their inbox.
  • Store all project email with the project files. See the complete picture of your project communication.
  • Instantly create action items, submittals, and RFIs from an email creating an audit trail.
“One of the main goals of upper management was to be able to handle emails better. With Newforma Project Center, we're able to relate information within emails to specific projects, which helps saves time when we're searching for information.”
Architecttura Inc.
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