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UK: Liberate your team from mundane email management administration

At London’s 1 New Street Square, architects describe how Newforma software liberates them from mundane chores of email management and information searches. “What do you do when you don’t have the problem of filing emails? You find yourself other, more interesting problems that you then resolve.”

UK: Technology is the backbone that supports collaboration of a project team.

A conversation with Rob Partington – Teaser

UK: Quick wins for email filing and retrials: Bluebeam and Revit integrations

Technical Director NIGEL CLARK describes the motivations for implementing project information management software, the two-step training that’s driven successful take-up, and the results.

UK: Save time and money searching through project emails

The people of BDP tell how streamlined email management is saving time and money for the firm. Finding one critical email saved the company hundreds of thousands of pounds! “Everything is searchable and retrievable.”

UK: Organize and manage terabytes of project information data

At London’s Battersea Power Station, SimpsonHaugh team members describe why they chose the Newforma platform to manage that project’s terabytes of information. “Newforma helps me by just giving more time to actually do the things I want to do: to spend with other people, to spend looking at problems, to spend talking about the practice and talking about architecture.”

Make email management easy: organize, view and link to all project information and attachments

“The volume of email we get is so vast, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack,” says Hilson Moran Director Vince Ugarow. “As soon as Newforma was implemented, that changed everything.”

Eliminate duplicates and keep teams working from the latest files

“We can collaborate overseas instantaneously,” says Dave Lee, head of the BIM department. “We have zero duplication of any information, so we know you’re looking at the latest drawings, you’re looking at the latest schedules, and who’s working on it at any one time. It’s been an absolute game changer for us.”

Capture, process, and share field data in real-time, wherever it resides

Slash data entry time.  Avoid rework.

Put project data at your fingertips, wherever you’re working.

“Onsite, it’s really important to stay in tune with the current dialog.”

“It doesn’t matter if you sent out a revised sheet yesterday. You’ve got it now.”

“I’ve got an entire, up-to-date set of documents in my hand.”

Make the best and most-informed decisions with a single view into project information

The people of Stantec’s Boston office describe how they’re using Newforma software to design, document, and build projects faster. Designer/Manager Rachel Swartz says that with less time spent on administration, “I’m able to move that time to other items that need to be taken care of.”

Manage RFIs and submittals faster and more efficiently

“In the past, answering an RFI could take as much as a week.”

Simplify collaboration, work in real-time, and eliminate coordination errors

Stantec Designer/Manager Rachel Swartz describes how Newforma software removes conflicts and confusion in communications with the contractor. “I can easily, within minutes, get the latest drawings over to a consultant.”

Minimize project information risk and collaborate in real-time

“It’s important because it manages risk – financial risk and design risk. The risk associated with the way we manage has diminished significantly. Life became easier.”

Avoid project disputes early and mitigate risk throughout the lifetime of a project

Jill Rothenberg-Simmons, Stantec principal and business center managing leader, describes how people who were not intimately involved with a project can quickly find specific information years after it was captured and filed using Newforma products. “We can avoid litigation entirely.”

Use the latest files and maintain a full audit trail to mitigate risk

BDP uses Newforma project information management software to ensure easy access to current drawings. “Someone who’s not an experienced user of the program should be able to find what they’re looking for quite easily.”

Find all project information and index every file using our all-encompassing search functionality

At BDP, “Nobody has to wonder where things are and what the file structure is.” Newforma software is “that one port of call for all information on a project, whether it be drawings, schedules, quality management information, or compliance.

Organize and search project information in the field to increase productivity and eliminate errors

Stantec managers describe how information flows from Revit design software in the office to the Newforma Plans app on iPads at the job site. Principal Jill Rothenberg-Simmons says, “We can reference RFIs, we can reference submittals, we can reference our complete document set, including the specification, right there in the field. That has made a big improvement.”

Search and manage project information faster and on time

Information Technology Director Tim Rice says LMN needs to manage 200 times more project data than 10 years ago. Tim Rice and Project Architect Steve Delfraino, Project Architect Jeffrey Floor, and Project Architect Michael Peterson describe how they are managing the project information firehose.

Deliver projects on time, ease collaboration and mitigate risk

Hilson Moran teams use Newforma software to meet demanding schedules. “Something that would have taken us five, six days – and we probably wouldn’t have gotten it right the first time! – now takes a couple of hours, and we know it’s exactly right and it’s checked on site by the guys who need it.”

Maintaining a precise audit trail to mitigate risk

“Most of our work is repeat business,” says Hilson Moran Technical Director Nigel Clarke. “My main goal is to keep our reputation for quality; that frankly wins us a lot of our work.”


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