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Expanding Issue Tracking in Construction Through Email Management

November 30, 2023

Identifying and tracking issues can make or break the success of a project, but advances in email management will be making that much easier moving forward.  

You’ve likely seen this story before. Starting a new project that seems to be on track for completion, but as the design project evolves, the number of Action Items begin to skyrocket. With so many moving parts, smooth collaboration between various stakeholder parties becomes a trying task if you’re handling it manually.  

Some teams use a more traditional BIM (Building Information Modeling) approach by attaching pictures or screenshots to emails or lumping everything into an Excel/Google Sheets page to monitor changes. 

But, that presents its own set of challenges, as critical information about the issue could be lost in an inbox or accidentally erased on a spreadsheet. 

The loss of information and needless finger-pointing not only wastes your precious time and sanity, but it could be entirely avoidable with the adoption of BIM-powered platforms capable of streamlining your issue management. 

Action Items & Issue Tracking in Construction

Platforms like Newforma Konekt help you do exactly that and more. Say goodbye to countless email chains and scattered excel documents, by centralizing all stakeholder communication into a single source of truth. 

Thanks to Newforma Konekt’s cloud-based capabilities, all this information can be stored in an online central database and shared in real-time with various stakeholder groups.  

Whenever a member of the team creates or modifies an issue, the information is immediately updated in the system, reducing the need for long email chains just to get confirmation on some minute detail. 

Teams remain in fluid communication throughout the process, making for a more collaborative experience, improving stakeholder relationships and saving you a boatload of time by no longer chasing down information; sounds like a pretty sweet deal, am I right?  

Leveraging Email Management in Construction

The ridiculous quantity of communications received, mostly through email, on a daily basis can sometimes be overwhelming.  

Then, keeping track of all the information that comes through and filing them properly is another challenge in itself; a task that, if improperly completed or passed over, could be detrimental to the project. 

We hear you, and we have a solution that is sure to help. 

Newforma Konekt users have been able to expand their issue management capabilities by combining the power of BIM-based issue management with the reliability of email management. 

By linking their Newforma profile to their Outlook account, users can file Action Items directly from Outlook, using the content found within the emails, granting them more flexibility in turning the information in their inbox into actionable items, with just a few clicks.  


Filing issues directly from your Outlook inbox not only makes for an easy transfer of key and relevant information found in the content of the email, but it ensures that nothing falls through the crack. Even if a specific email highlights multiple issues, you can file them as separate Action Items from the same email; speeding up the process and sending it off to relevant parties faster than ever before. 

To give users even more control over their projects, they can even utilize their own custom project fields (set up found in Newforma Konekt web platform) directly in the Add-In, giving them full control over where and how their issues are filed within a given project.  

By leveraging the power of BIM-powered issue tracking and information management, you can now receive, process and track all the issues in your project directly at the source. It’s a surefire way to help users quickly organize information and improve communication amongst various stakeholder groups. 

Learn More About Newforma Konekt

Today’s modern workflows require modern solutions to speed up the process, even when we’re not sitting near our desks or, more importantly, on the field tending to urgent matters. 

Learn more about Newforma Konekt and see how you can optimize your time to take on more projects and improve pipeline.