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Global Gateway Development Corporation Gains Transparency with Newforma ConstructEx

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Company Overview

Clark Global City (“CGC” or the “City”) is a 177-hectare property managed by Global Gateway Development Corporation (“GGDC”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Udenna Land, Inc. (“ULI”), that holds leasehold rights to the estate for 75 years.

CGC is a master-planned, state-of-the-art, modern, mixed-use city envisioned and uniquely positioned to be the next Primary Business District for the greater Clark Special Economic Zone (“CSEZ”), which includes the Clark Freeport Zone (“CFZ”) and New Clark City. CGC, due to its attractive value proposition, is positioned as the best location for fellow developers to increase and expand their portfolio outside the high city land prices and traffic congestion of Metro Manila.

GGDC’s main thrust is to sublease land to top-tier real estate developers, who will enhance the project by introducing office, residential, commercial, and recreational developments. Some of CGC’s blue chip locators include SM Prime Holdings, Prime Philippines, Suyen Corporation, Mendrez Realty, Megawide, and W Group. To jumpstart the development, GGDC has taken the first step by building prime developments such as The Medical City Clark (“TMCC”), a top-tier, 173-bed, energy-efficient, smart building that features state-of-art medical equipment, and the West Aeropark Quad, a 5-building, LEED Gold, mixed-use development and was designed and built to international standards with world-class, quality infrastructure and is an ideal location for BPO and corporate tenants.


In 2016, after the new management of GGDC team took over, it replaced the two different construction management platforms in use. Although workflows across projects are fairly consistent, GGDC needed a platform that would be flexible enough to support subcontractors, contractors, architects, engineering teams, and the GGDC organization.

In addition, GGDC required more transparency across all project team entities. After researching several options, the team chose cloud-hosted Newforma ConstructEx. GGDC implemented Newforma ConstructEx in 2016 and it has been used on several major projects including GGDC’s major project for Clark Global City.

Why Newforma ConstructEx

Managing performance and accountability through transparency

Prior to using Newforma ConstructEx, it was difficult to track the review status and verify the completion of the critical items that could delay the project. GGDC found it challenging to track the status and verify completed review processes through email. GGDC was able to resolve conflicts and reduce errors with Newforma ConstructEx’s audit trail reporting. For each transaction in Newforma ConstructEx, there is a documented record of the date and time an item was sent, who it was sent to, where the item is in the review process (ball-in-court), and when the response was sent back. The GGDC team can monitor where critical items are in the review process and document responsibilities for full transparency.

Streamlining document review processes through flexible workflows

One of GGDC’s requirements for a construction management platform was a flexible workflow that supports a review process with the entire project team. Submittals and RFIs are processed through Newforma ConstructEx initiated by subcontractors and contractors. Newforma ConstructEx’s workflow enables project administrators to place team members in roles that define their access to information and processing functions. GGDC’s Document Control Manager provides guidelines and naming conventions for documents uploaded to the system to ensure consistency across the project.

Centralizing document control.

GGDC also uses Newforma ConstructEx as a centralized platform to manage document revisions, change orders, and other project documentation. The Newforma ConstructEx Sheet Index is used to link the most current version of a document, providing the project team instant access to the latest version of a document. Teams can also download packages directly from the Sheet Index

“We have been using Newforma ConstructEx for six years and have been very happy with Newforma’s services, support, and openness to making product improvements.” Neri Dizon, General Manager

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