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ARIKON & Doosan Lentjes Collaborating in New Ways With Newforma

Case studies / Improve Communication/Collaboration

Company Overview

The construction group ARIKON AG and Doosan Lentjes, a global provider of proprietary environmental technologies for thermal waste utilization and energy generation, are breaking new ground together in terms of digital collaboration. The current joint construction project, a thermal waste utilization plant in Wiesbaden, is being centrally managed in the planning and execution phase with the project information management (PIM) software solution “Newforma Project Center“.

Why Newforma Project Center

“In view of the growing amount of data in construction projects, efficient project information management is essential in order to increase economic efficiency and sustainability in construction”, explains Ingo Habig, Managing Director of ARIKON Hoch- und Ingenieurbau GmbH HIB.

In terms of collaboration with external partners, additionally implemented IT infrastructures mean more data silos which represent major hurdles. What is needed are intelligent file- sharing solutions that offer high usability due to easy handling for internal users and external project partners.

Newforma Project Center uses existing infrastructures

ARIKON AG and Doosan Lentjes chose the Newforma software solution for the planning of the Wiesbaden waste-to-energy plant (MHKW). It supports working in their existing IT infrastructures, provides effective integration of external partners and has a rapid implementation.

Unlike cloud-based systems, the Newforma software can be operated on-premises in ARIKON AG’s IT infrastructure, so no new data silos are created. The construction file data can simply be synchronized back to the project based on their Microsoft file server structure without migration.

But it is not only under the aspect of compliance that the software solution from Newforma is the best choice for the ARIKON – Doosan Lentjes cooperation.

“The project information system is particularly user-friendly,” says Falk Huneke, CDO of the ARIKON Group. ” All major file formats are supported and the software also offers extended integration capabilities (Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Revit, AutoCAD) and – particularly important for complex construction projects – the possibility of email integration in the form of plug-ins with optional automatic filing of project emails. By avoiding data redundancies, we expect an overall improvement in communication between all those involved in the project.”

Problem-free implementation in day-to-day operations

“The internal support effort during the implementation phase was minimal from our side and did not affect our day-to-day business. Newforma Project Center runs smoothly and with low maintenance in everyday operations. The proof of concept was completed as
planned at the beginning of October 2021 and the platform was transferred to productive operation.” says Sebastian Hoffmann, CIO of the ARIKON Group.

Michal Korte, Managing Director of ARIKON Digitale Baukunst GmbH, adds: “With the introduction of the Newforma Info Exchange platform, we were already able to offer external partners, such as specialist planners, an easy way to exchange extensive planning data with us via the web portal during the proof of concept in the planning phase of the project. The central consolidation in Newforma Project Center offers transparent traceability of all information flows. This saves valuable time in the coordination and planning process.”

Secure exchange of large amounts of data

Michael Oberländer, Engineering Manager at Doosan Lentjes GmbH, is also enthusiastic about the system’s possibilities: “We are very pleased to be breaking new ground in cooperation with ARIKON in the field of project information management. Newforma Project Center enables us to easily and securely exchange large amounts of data, such as those generated by 3D modelling of the entire plant. The software also allows us to share structured project information. Messages are automatically indexed via the e-mail management feature, and required information is available in seconds via the exceptional keyword search. We access the project platform via the web portal which is intuitive and easy to use. This usability increases the project participants’ acceptance of the tool.”

Once completed, the MHKW planned for Wiesbaden will thermally utilize around 240,000 tonnes of municipal and commercial waste from the greater Wiesbaden area annually. The energy contained in the waste, which is largely of biogenic origin, will be used for the environmentally friendly generation of electricity and district heating.

“Newforma Project Center enables us to easily and securely exchange large amounts of data. Messages are automatically indexed via the e-mail management feature, and required information is available in seconds via the exceptional keyword search.”

Michael Oberländer