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Raise and resolve issues identified in Virtual Reality with Vrex and Newforma Konekt

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Raise and resolve issues identified in Virtual Reality with Vrex and Newforma Konekt

Vrex by Vixel is a virtual reality platform that allows users to host virtual meetings in VR, with attendees joining either with their own headset or using desktop mode. Users can navigate around the 3D model for remote design reviews and coordination meetings, and bring in key stakeholders into the coordination process before making decisions. 

Vrex makes it easy to bring people into VR to view and discuss issues in the model, and Newforma Konekt ensures you always have up-to-date issues available in VR. After raising issues in VR, Newforma Konekt allows users to instantly access and resolve them back in authoring software including Revit, AutoCAD and Tekla Structures.





Meet Your Team in VR

Create virtual meeting rooms with your project’s 3D models which you, your team and stakeholders can explore through VR

Sync BCF Files to your VR Room

Sync BCF files from Newforma Konekt into your VR meeting room to ensure up-to-date information

Track Action Items in VR

Create issues, markup issues, add comments, views, change status or re-assign issues live during the VR session

Teleport to Action Item Location

Access Newforma Konekt issues in VR and teleport directly to the issue location

Sync all Changes to Newforma Konekt

All issue changes are updated in Newforma Konekt, allowing the whole team to access them and collaborate in real-time

Resolve Action Items in VR

Access issues raised or reviewed in VR in authoring software through Newforma Konekt’s add-ins for quick resolution

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