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Make BIM coordination accessible and collaborative for stakeholders of all technical skill levels.

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Make BIM coordination accessible and collaborative for stakeholders of all technical skill levels.

VRcollab boosts BIM’s viability by making it more collaborative, usable and scalable for all stakeholders — allowing for cross-border, cross-discipline, cross device collaboration. VRcollab’s solution is directly integrated to your BIM and 3D models such as Revit, Navisworks, Archicad, Rhino3d, Sketchup, OBJ, FBX, IFC.

Allowing for active stakeholder participation during BIM coordination regardless of technical skill level. Due to VRcollab’s intuitive, easy to learn controls and real time multi user internet meeting functionality.

VRcollab has cross platform functionality, where both VR and non-VR users are able to coordinate seamlessly. VRcollab is integrated to all commercial off the shelf VR devices such as HTC VIVE, HTC Cosmos, Oculus Rift and Windows MR series.






Import Models for Virtual Design Collaboration

Bring your coordination models directly from your BIM and 3D models into VRcollab for virtual design coordination

Intuitive Controls for all Stakeholders

Get more done in your BIM coordinations with our intuitive controls and easy to use features that allow for stakeholders to access BIM information easily

Meet in Virtual Reality

Collaborate virtually with your teams across the world and participate in multiuser internet meetings with your desktop or virtual reality devices

Multiple Render Modes

Multiple render modes for your BIM, such as X-Ray mode for better interdisciplinary coordination between trades

Create Action Items in VR

Create issues in VRcollab that are automatically synced back to your Newforma Konekt account for model iteration back in your chosen authoring software

Import BIM Model to VR

Bring filters, views, section cuts and corresponding materials directly from your BIM model into your VR coordination, all done in a one click exportation

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