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Track issues found during model checking through to resolution

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Track issues found during model checking through to resolution

Verifi3D is a cloud-based model checking solution that simplifies the data validation process. Connect Verifi3D’s model checking capabilities with Newforma Konekt’s issue tracking platform for a more efficient coordination workflow.

Publish issues from Verifi3D to Newforma Konekt with individual assignment, due date, priority, status, type, location coordinates, and any associated screenshots. Issues can then be located directly in Newforma Konekt’s add-ins with Naviworks, Revit, Tekla, AutoCAD, or Archicad for quick resolution.

Verifi3D allows teams to customize checks and validations based on project requirements, allowing them to manage the entire model coordination and data validation workflow in one place in real-time. Newforma Konekt gives all project teams easy access to clashes and other model compliance issues detected in Verifi3D. It empowers BIM managers to track overall resolution progress, related communication, and metrics for better transparency and accountability.

This unique integration offers the best of both worlds: increase efficiency and leverage the power of model checking for a more efficient and optimized workflow.






Publish Issues to Newforma Konekt

Publish Verifi3D issues to Newforma Konekt with clear, individual assignment using Verifi3D’s BCF issue creator

Localize Clearance Checks

Localize building code compliance issues and other clearance checks

Access Clashes Directly

Access clashes and model compliance issues directly in authoring platforms like Revit, Tekla, AutoCAD, and Archicad for quick resolution

Schedule Reports

Schedule coordination report distribution with predefined filters

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The latest from the team on coordination and news