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Streamline your construction administration and issue management workflows with Newforma Konekt's Procore Connector.

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Simplify your construction administration review process and redefine project collaboration.

Newforma Konekt’s Procore Connector allows for the automatic flow of RFIs and submittals from Procore into Newforma Konekt; simplifying the review process and streamlining collaboration.

Within just a few minutes, project data can fully sync data with Procore and allow for cross-platform accessibility; creating a direct channel of communication between design and construction teams.

By organizing and connecting you to crucial project data in Procore or helping other project stakeholders connect to your hub in Newforma Konekt, you can save a considerable amount of time; with an estimated potential savings of up to $20,000 on larger projects.

Without the Newforma Konekt Procore Connector

With the Newforma Konekt Procore Connector

Convert Action Items and issues to RFIs to maintain project timetable

No more delays processing RFIs. Newforma Konekt provides accountability around issues, including RFIs. Assign clear responsibility and track overall resolution progress through Newforma Konekt’s web platform to reduce project delays.  

Transform Newforma Konekt informal issues into RFIs in seconds and send them to the design team in any environment that is part of the Newforma Konekt ecosystem, including Revit, Navisworks, Tekla Structures, ArchiCAD, Solibri, and more. 

Simplify communication with all teams involved in the construction phase. Eliminate endless email threads and siloed information. GCs, designers, architects, engineers, and project managers can share comments, questions, and updates on issues in Newforma Konekt’s centralized communication platform.



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Create RFIs from Procore

Create RFIs in Procore and quickly sync them with Newforma Konekt.

Save time during reviews

Quickly process incoming RFIs without the need to duplicate the entry into Newforma Konekt.

Quick response, faster resolution

Submit a resposne which automatically gets transfered back to Procore for a quick and speedy resolution.

Create RFIs from Newforma Konekt

Create RFIs in Procore from Newforma Konekt informal issues in any environment that is part of the Newforma Konekt ecosystem (List …)

Quick RFI Access

Quickly access RFI links from the Newforma Konekt Issue Profile

Action Items to RFIs

Instantly transform Newforma Konekt issues into RFIs

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