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Power BI®

Discover insights from all your project data in a single place

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Discover insights from all your project data in a single place

Get the indicators you need quickly and easily

We help AEC companies find schedules at risk, make better coordination resource-allocation and progress analysis. Discover insights from all your project data in a single place.

Newforma Konekt’s analytics infrastructure-as-a-service makes your data accessible for consumption inside reporting solutions like Microsoft Power BI. We have a turnkey solution that provides quick implementation to visualize project coordination metrics and turn your data into actionable items.

Use analytics as part of your competitive strategy with a bespoke solution

We help maximize the value of your technology investments and improve your competitiveness by delivering projects faster with fewer risks so you can earn more projects. We can completely tailor issue-reporting based on your specific needs and create dashboards as a service. Here’s a glimpse of other features we can include such as custom KPIs, interactive issue maps, etc.

Enable enterprise-grade reporting without the hassle of developing it yourself

Our expert team offers Power BI Services to get you started. With our extensive strategic and technological BIM expertise, we can help you create and design action plans to optimize your data management strategy.

Included in this solution

Everything in the out of the box solution plus:

  • Additional customization from our powerBI experts
  • Project-specific interactive key plan views
  • Federated data source with other organizations data
  • Customized report list views
  • Additional consulting from our BIM expert
  • And more

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