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Search Everything

Newforma’s powerful search goes beyond Google... Finding information in a hurry has never been easier.

With Project Center’s robust indexing capability, you can search through thousands of project emails, PDFs, images, drawings, and zip folders, yields results in seconds.
  • Search the entire record of all documents and emails related to the project - filed by anyone on the project team.
  • Find information buried in attachments – PDF, DWG™, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, ZIP, and more.
  • Unearth information across applications and platforms – BIM 360™, ProjectWise™, SharePoint Online™, etc.
  • Stay mobile – search your project files and email from your phone or tablet.
“We enjoy the search facilities within Newforma, including the possibility to easily and quickly find emails. Within some projects there are 10,000 emails being sent and received and you need a potent management system to handle all this data.”
SRA Architects
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