Newforma Project Center

Newforma Search finds the information you need quickly to make better decisions.

Search everything including emails, PDF attachments, drawings, and even ZIP folders!

Why Newforma Search is unique.

Newforma’s unique search function, explicitly designed for the construction industry, finds information embedded in over 200 file formats including drawings, PDF files, email attachments, and more.

Your team can find the information they need to make informed decisions by using a single interface to search across a wide range of sources. There is no need to search multiple folders, storage locations, or email inboxes.
No matter what type of information, where it is located, or when it was saved, Newforma Search will find it.

How Newforma Search works.

Newforma Search doesn’t miss a thing.
All documents and emails are scanned, indexed, and optical character recognized (OCR), allowing any text embedded in a file to be found. With Project Center’s robust indexing capability, you can search through thousands of project emails, PDFs, drawing files, and other file types, yielding results instantly. Project teams can search across a single project or multiple projects to find exactly what they need.
Newforma Search is designed for Designers.
Drawing files often contain references to other drawings or images. In AutoCAD, reference files are commonly referred to as XREFs (external reference files). Search automatically finds any external reference files that contain the text you are searching for. You can also search CAD and BIM (Building Information Modeling) elements and spaces, DWG files, and files exported from Revit, DWF, files.
Newforma Search is a lot more flexible than other popular search tools.
You can search submittals, RFIs, and other project items. You can filter by certain types of information. Let’s say you want to find a keyword in all submittals or RFIs; with Newforma Search you have a wide variety of options to find your information. The search results will include only certain items along with associated email messages and supporting files.

Find project information across a wide range of sources.

Newforma Search enables you to search for items in all project folders, files, and project items. Search a single project or across multiple projects at the same time, Unearth information across multiple applications and platforms including Autodesk BIM 360™, Bentley ProjectWise™, Microsoft SharePoint Online™, Panzura™, Nasuni™, and more.
  • Sharepoint
  • BIM 360
  • ProjectWise
“We enjoy the search facilities within Newforma, including the possibility to easily and quickly find emails. Within some projects, there are 10,000 emails being sent and received and you need a potent management system to handle all this data.” SRA Architects

Out in the field? Or on the road? You can search from anywhere!

With Newforma Mobile you can take the power of Newforma Search on the road. Search your on-premises project files and your project email from your phone or tablet. Newforma Mobile is designed to display search results in a way that makes it easy to find the information you need, no matter where you are.

You can even search the past!

Questions often arise regarding projects that have been completed months or even years before. Responding to questions quickly and accurately builds trust and reduces risk.

Newforma Search can even search your archived project information.

Although archived projects cannot be edited, there is valuable information contained in archived project data that is needed to answer questions or can be used for building maintenance or to learn for future projects.
“It’s all about risk management. To find detailed information that resolves or diffuses a situation, sometimes when callers are still on the phone, is invaluable.” Alistair Kell, Director of Information and Technology, BDP