Newforma Project Center

Reduce your workload with automated document management.

Save time issuing packages, managing revisions, and tracking status.

Document Management

Managing hundreds of documents, drawings and revisions, calculation packages, and specifications throughout the life cycle of a project is a major challenge for most project teams.
In our recent survey, 60% of respondents ranked document issuance and tracking as the workflow needing the most improvement.
Newforma Project Center’s Document Management can help your firm reduce your workload by automating the management of document revisions, and issuance of record documents. Automated notifications and audit trails ensure that your project team is working with the most current set of documents and drawings.

Managing document revisions is hard enough.

But making sure the project team is working with the correct set of documents can be more difficult. Sending out document packages shouldn’t require that you cross your fingers and hope for the best that it was received.

A flexible way to manage, access, and track documents

Project Center provides a flexible environment to manage key document deliverables through planning, design, construction, and closeout. Your entire project team benefits from streamlined workflows, easy access, and tracking of the most current version of documents.
Reduce your workload with automated synchronization to Autodesk Revit™.
Project Center’s Document Control add-in can be accessed directly from Autodesk Revit to update sheet properties and generate updated PDFs or DWG™ sheet sets to the latest revision. If your project managers do not use Revit, they can access sheets from Project Center, make necessary changes, and synchronize back to Revit. Save time by adding multiple drawing revisions to multiple record documents at one time.
Easily compare changes and track the history of revised drawings.
You can also easily compare changes between baseline and revised drawings, project folders/files, and document sets. The Compare feature color-codes additions, deletions, and changes, enabling your project team to focus their attention on important coordination issues. Project Center Document Control automatically keeps track of current and previous revisions for each item.
Get the right information to the right people at the right time.
Create packages to easily manage, share and download. Create a distribution list and assign team members to receive each package. With Project Center’s Info Exchange, you can easily share large files or document sets with anyone on the project team. (Note: Info Exchange is included with Project Center and is available for all external users with no additional license fee.)
Track who received the document and when it was downloaded.
Eliminate the email chains required to follow up with team members to ensure that they have received and downloaded the most current document versions. When documents or packages are sent through Project Center’s Info Exchange, an audit trail of who the document was sent to, when it was downloaded, and by who, is automatically created.
Organize documents in a way that makes sense for your team.
Record document packages can be organized in a way that makes sense for your team allowing users to quickly find sets of documents relevant to them. Project Center has the flexibility to group and filter documents or packages by discipline, purpose, authoring company, or any other document property tracked in the system.
View sheets from anywhere.
Your field team can download sheets from Project Center and view them from the Newforma Plans mobile app or Info Exchange website. Downloaded sheets to the Newforma Plans mobile app can then be used to create field notes, action items, and punch lists from the job site.
For construction projects that must demonstrate their processes adhere to specific standards (i.e., ISO 19650), Newforma provides tools to share documents, track issuances, and manage revisions, all with a complete audit trail.