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Meet the Team – Marge Hart

September 5th, 2023

Senior VP Software Engineering

Every amazing product needs someone to make some tough decisions. At Newforma, that someone is Marge Hart, Senior VP of Product Management. “Product management is the hub of the organization,” explains Marge, “with spokes out to sales, account management, services, and all other areas of the business. Product works closely with customers to understand their needs along with industry initiatives. We work closely with the development team to fuel the creative engine. Together, we make the machine go.” Having worked at Newforma for the past seventeen years, Marge knows a thing or two about how our products have evolved. “Newforma was very small when I first started; it was the era of Blackberries and Verizon phones, and we were fewer than 30 people. Newforma was very customer focused then, as it is now. I was there when we celebrated our first million dollars in sales.”

Marge started at Newforma in 2006 as a UX Designer, where she learned how customers used Newforma Project Center (NPC), and where their experience could be improved. “I’ve always found it fascinating to watch how the construction industry grew and adopted new digital technology; and not just the architects and engineers, either. There was a pervasive preconception floating around the industry that contractors don’t need digital technology because they’re ‘laying bricks, not playing with new tech’; I found out pretty quickly that stereotypes like these were absolute nonsense.”

Her work improving workflow experiences for users, as well as her communication skills with the rest of the Newforma UX team, secured her promotion to Manager of UX then Director of Product Design in 2012. And by 2014 she had mastered NPC and found ways to prioritize UX customer feedback, so she transitioned into Product Management. 

“After working with our AEC customers and understanding what they do, how they do it, the data they collect, the processes they go through for a project… I’ll never walk down a city block and look at a hole in the ground with a fence around it the same way again.” 

Marge led important initiatives researching current customer practices, and prioritizing the product features and functions her team would work on. “In 2008 the recession began and a lot of projects were canceled. Firms had to downsize, but they also had to keep serving their customers, and our product really helped keep these companies afloat. Thanks to Newforma, project information that would have otherwise been lost was filed neatly with our software. Users were able to easily find communication to serve their customers; nobody could claim that ‘they didn’t get the file’, because everything was on the project record.” Customers were more engaged than ever, and so in 2015 Marge was promoted again, to Director of Product Management. 

And then in May 2019, after acquiring a deep knowledge of the product and the industry it serves, and for being part of the team that helped bring Newforma to a new era of construction technology, Marge was promoted to VP of Product Management. Most recently, recognizing Marge’s contributions to Newforma and the industry, Marge was promoted to Sr Vice President. 

“What’s kept me here at Newforma all these years are the people I work with and the customers I help. I’m very passionate about the AECO industry and our place in it, and I’m proud to be leading new technology.”

In her personal life, Marge knows a thing or two about what it takes to get her hands dirty and build something amazing. “Renovating and decorating homes is a passion of mine. My husband and I recently finished renovating a New England home from the 1890s, and we absolutely love it. It was important to me to keep the character of the home and reuse or re-purpose as much of the original materials as possible. We kept finding “gifts” from the home, including newspapers from 1949 used as attic insulation.” 

“My cousin insists that the house is haunted by a little girl, but I haven’t seen her… not yet, anyway!” So until she does, Marge continues to enjoy her renovations, and the wonderful nearby scenery as she goes boating with her husband and family, including her granddog, Mango.

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