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How General Contractors Run Smooth Projects with Newforma Konekt

April 17, 2024

Why your next construction project needs Newforma Konekt

Being an innovative general contractor means walking the fine line between opportunity and risk. As the GC on a project, you stand to gain the most from early resolution of constructability coordination issues. But when it comes to performance, it’s also your neck on the line.

Managing hundreds and often thousands of various levels of constructability issues is a BIM/VDC Coordinator’s nightmare, with the traditional coordination process. Often teams are discussing the same issues from the previous weeks’ coordination meetings because issues slipped through the cracks and were not resolved, further compounding the outstanding issues. With increasing project schedules, it is imperative that assigned issues are resolved within the scheduled time.

Model Management and Issue Management are two completely different workflows that need to work in tandem. Newforma Konekt offers multiple construction coordination solutions, but BIM/VDC managers know it best for the platform’s features that tackle issue management. Newforma Konekt is complimentary to and even works if you are distributing models. The platform works natively within your clash management solutions like Navisworks or Solibri and within your authoring solutions such as Revit, AutoCAD-based products, ArchiCAD, Bricscad, Vectorworks, Tekla Structures, and more.

Newforma Konekt, as a web-based collaboration platform empowers both BIM/VDC workflows and project information management, becomes a central location for all the information, issues, and communications that team members need for a project. Newforma Konekt tilts the constructability coordination scales in your favor. Let’s look at the top 3 reasons why leading GCs choose Newforma Konekt as their issue management solution to get the most from their teams.

1. Visibility

One of the top challenges we hear daily from GCs is not knowing how their consultants and subcontractors are progressing on their assigned issues. Traditionally, creating reports after coordination meetings is an agonizing task that BIM/VDC coordinators dread. They have no visibility into what the team has resolved until the next coordination meeting, then surprise!

Having visibility to see project-wide how everyone is progressing with their assigned issues is key in mitigating constructability coordination risk.

With Newforma Konekt’s metrics and analytics, GCs get a live view of how the project’s health. GCs have said having a single-page dashboard showing all user activity is enormously beneficial to tracking the performance of the project.

One of the key visibility features lets you generate coordination meeting reports with a single click ( use the configurable reporting templates: set it and forget it!). BIM/VDC coordinators can even use reporting templates to automatically email these reports to project participants at scheduled dates and times.

With Newforma Konekt’s API toolkit, you can extend your analytic reach using programming, or tools like Dynamo, to add functionalities. Perform actions around hubs, projects, user management to access and analyze data that is not typically available.

Furthermore, if you’re taking advantage of Newforma Konekt’s DaaS features, you’ll have access to a ready-to-use Power BI dashboard with metrics tailored to construction projects. With fully automated updates, there’s no need for you to waste time exporting & importing data. What’s more, we offer customization and KPI coaching, if this sort of data science is not your firm’s area of expertise and you need a helping hand.

2. Accountability

Another major challenge we hear from GCs is how often they are having to review constructability issues from the previous week’s meeting, because the individuals that were assigned the issues did not resolve them. Sound familiar?


Having a solution that holds project participants accountable for assigned issues is a critical component of a successful project.

As the coordinator assigns issues to project members with Newforma Konekt, they’ll receive an email or in-app notification. This contains a link that allows you to view the issue with all the instructions of the requested action, assigned due date, and any other vital details, which avoids any confusion or misunderstanding.

Additionally, before the issue is due, if the individual responsible has yet to resolve it, Newforma Konekt will automatically send a friendly email reminder letting them know the issue is outstanding and that it’s expected to be resolved before the deadline.

3. Ease of use

Think of Newforma Konekt as your assistant in your project management workflow: it lets you keep all the best parts of your workflow, while handling the mundane, repetitive tasks that otherwise slow you down.

And, Newforma Konket is very easy to use. Having the Newforma Konekt dialog box within your design authoring environment helping you and your team navigate to the issue within the model with a single click.

And since GCs and their subs spend so much time on the job site, there’s no better way to stay up-to-date on a project’s progress than with the field management capabilities of Newforma Konekt’s Mobile companion app. With the app, you can create and review issues from your phone, attach pictures for context, and review project emails. With internet availbility sometimes being spotty on the job site, the app also functions offline.

Instead of email and screenshots, project participants can raise issues and communicate natively from within their authoring environment while linking issues and communicating to assets within the model.

Sound interesting?

These are only three examples of why many of the industry’s top GCs have standardized their issue coordination using Newforma Konekt. The platform provides a clear way to give your consultants and subcontractors the answers they need. It encourages teamwork & open, instant communication.

Now, what if you could use this same platform to process your construction administration workflows, like RFIs and submittals, just as easily? With Newforma Konekt, you can, and there are no excuses left for not having top-performing projects!



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About the author

Carl Storms is a seasoned AECO industry pro with a journey dating back to '98. From shaping residential and commercial spaces to consulting in the BIM realm, Carl's diverse experience speaks volumes. Currently, as the Technical Solutions Lead at Newforma, he's your BIM Crusader, seamlessly blending innovation with practicality. With over a decade as an industry and college educator, Carl has a knack for breaking down complex concepts with ease. An Autodesk Expert Elite, Blogger, Speaker, and Podcaster, he revels in demystifying tech and finds joy in his ongoing adventure of an old dog learning new coding tricks. With 25+ years in AECO, Carl Storms strikes the perfect balance between expertise and approachability, making him your trusted guide through the ever-evolving landscape of architecture, engineering, construction, and operations.

Carl Storms
Technical Solutions Lead

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