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Project Information Management software for Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Owners

Organize project data, manage email, collaborate with team members and manage design projects.

Newforma Project Center

Reduce Administrative Workload, Streamline Project Workflows and Ease Collaboration for Project Teams

Connect best-in-class software applications, enable search of all project files from a unified dashboard, streamline workflows, manage project deliverables with reporting and proactive accountability, and protect the firm by enabling collaboration while tracking, logging and preserving projects audit trails.


  • Connect best-in-class applications
  • Search, view and access project information, wherever it resides
  • Answer client or team member questions without delay


  • Project data is centrally accessible
  • Reduce RFI and submittals time by 30 percent
  • Expedite contract administration (logging, mark-up, stamping)


  • Easily share files of any size across the project team
  • Reduce punch list turnaround time by 40 percent
  • Associate pictures, while in the field, with specific punch list items

Why Project Center is the Best PIM Software for Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Owners


Work in a connected software application ecosystem from one unified dashboard.


Search all files and documents, wherever they reside.


Reduce administrative workload, streamline project workflows and contract administration.


Handle RFIs and Submittals, punch list, field reports, project records, and more.


Track and log project activity and maintain the project audit trail.

Project Center Activity Centers

Project Center handles project processes using Activity Centers (modules) for communication, file sharing, productivity, contract management and BIM. When using Project Center, your project team has access to these Activity Centers:


Identify and manage critical issues to help the project team stay on budget and schedule. The Action Items activity center connects the project team members and allows action items to be created from multiple points in project workflows.


Create, distribute and manage the addendum request log. The Addendums Activity Center enables all bidders to incorporate changes into the bid set. Once an addendum is issued, the documents sent out become part of the contract documents when the contract is awarded.


Display or navigate to local versions of the Revit central models registered with a project, add building element parameters for linked elements (e.g. doors, curtain walls, etc.), link all related information, and more.


Create and manage the bulletins log and communicate changes out to the field with specific information pertaining to the change and distributed to the contractor. Changes to the contract drawings may be a result of RFIs, owner’s requests, value engineering, recognition of error/omission, reviewing agency requests, changed conditions or request for substitutions.


Gather pricing items from approved Potential Change Orders (PCOs), describe the scope of the change order, identify drawings, specifications or exhibits tied to the change order and connect estimates back to the contract to formalize negotiations between subcontractor and general contractor.


Create, issue and manage the CCD to the general scope of the contract (e.g. additions, deletions, sum, time, or other revisions) without invalidating the contract. CCDs authorize the contractor to make changes that affect the cost and/or schedule of a project.


Browse, sort, filter and group contacts and company data. Use this Activity Center to view projects based on who they are assigned to, log time-stamped conversations, send letters to any contact, harvest data from Outlook (e.g. Deltek, Axium, SAP, etc.), and more.


Track and manage contracts using this Activity Center which incorporates cost code tracking, categorization of legal contract documents, corporate templates, contract growth graphs, drawings, specs, exhibits and permission-based access to financial data tied to the contract, and more.


Maintain an official record of the jobsite status and project activities including companies, headcount, major activities, rental equipment, weather, and more.


Central location where project team members manage, access and view current and prior versions of documents.


Central location used to organize related project files and folders, view, markup, review and compare document sets and create copies of documents as project milestones.


Team members on the job site populate (e.g. photos taken using the Newforma Capture App) and use this Activity Center to view the field notes log, related media and supporting documents.


Create multiple markups for a CAD drawing or BIM model, link them to action items and stamp them with pre-populated fields as a part of the design or CA review process. Browse, preview, add comments or markup, track and review the status of all markups from a centralized location. Capture a full audit trail, generate a markup report, link markups to RFIs and submittals, and send markups via email or browser interface.


Track and manage project meeting minutes, distribute and manage agendas. Link meetings to agendas, add Action Items, RFIs, Change Orders and more.


Model views and revision states can be associated with emails, supporting documents and related Action Items, RFIs and submittals, providing project context to enable informed decision-making.


Quantify the impact of changes by factors such as estimated cost and time during the course of the project using this Activity Center. Request proposals at code level, expedite responses, track negotiations and secure agreement from all parties impacted by a change.


Streamline email project filing as you use this Activity Center to capture, organize and index project-related email messages as a part of the project record.


The single view of all folders and documents, within or outside (e.g. ProjectWise, SharePoint and FileNet) the network. Additionally, this Activity Center allows you to browse, search, find, markup, link and share project information. (COMING SOON: Check-in and Check-out supporting file-locking and versioning.)


Manage and view every image file in a project. Use this Activity Center to tag images using keywords which enables you to filter, sort or search on EXIF properties, cameras or operators, with ease.


Project-specific keywords are created for each project and used to classify (tag) documents and emails, then used to retrieve information wherever the keywords reside on your network. Search for keywords then browse search results to locate documents. This Activity Center displays a list of keywords currently being used within a project.


Project Publisher is designed to package together information during the project closeout. Information is published into a hierarchical structure and placed (published) on a destination folder, drive, USB or CD/DVD for project archiving as PDF or HTML files. Within Project Publisher activity center, a wizard interface aids the selection of information to be published including record documents, RFIs and submittals, and other supporting documents and emails. Users can customize the graphical appearance of the published files using Microsoft Word templates. Published files can be accessed using a link and include an interactive Table of Contents.


Assemble, communicate with and manage project teams and to create team reports. In the field, the Project Teams app is used to find contact information organized by project.


Track, log and manage project-specific events (e.g. phases, tasks, milestones, meetings, phone calls, local holidays, etc.) associated with supporting documents and related items to align internal and external resources. Import and synchronize items from Microsoft Project, Microsoft Outlook, and Deltek Vision.


Create and manage proposal requests and logs. Collaborate with your project team to resolve issues raised in proposal requests.


Create and manage punch list items and their descriptions and make them available to outside team members.


Save, locate and retrieve record copy archives of document sets or project folders at key project milestones. This Activity Center maintains a archive of contents of all Info Exchange transfers and transmittal, RFIs, submittal and other transactions.


Log, manage and execute a variety of RFI management actions (e.g. track progress, monitor due dates, create custom reports, etc.) including tracking any related email correspondence or supporting project files, providing a searchable audit trail for each RFI in the project.


Exchange documents, upload, download and open files. This Activity Center makes it easy to coordinate drawings, models, or other drawings and may be delivered to cloud storage solutions (Dropbox, Box and Google Drive).


Team members who periodically visit the site (e.g. safety, quality assurance, design professionals, etc.) use this Activity Center to cross-reference design documents, track changes, assign action items and create and distribute reports to provide continuity between visits and to record follow-up observations.


Electronic log used to define a sketch type to enable sorting and reporting, and to reference, track and distribute sketches.


Define, track and manage information related to spaces, rooms and system types of a build project. This Activity Center is tightly integrated with Newforma Project Information Link add-in for Autodesk Revit, for import, export and the synchronization of room and space data between this Activity Center and the Autodesk Revit BIM model.


Log, forward for review, capture reviewer responses, track and re-request and respond to submittals. This Activity Center allows users to conduct batch-imports of expected submittals from MS Excel spreadsheets and send notifications to team members. Additionally, track and report on submittal-related email messages between project team members.


Create and manage the supplemental instruction log including an email log designed to view and track email messages. Architects use supplemental instructions to formally notify project teams of additional instructions or minor changes in a project that do not impact the contract sum or contract time.


Create and log transmittals that accompany the exchange of physical and electronic materials with external project team members. This Activity Center consolidates all electronic and physical exchanges into a single view, providing the project team with easy access to every incoming or outgoing transmittal transaction on the project.

Mobile Apps & Cloud Browser Interfaces

Newforma offers users the option of adopting a collection of mobile apps to make work in the field easy. Some firms use every app, while others choose one or several based on their needs as they manage design and construction projects from inception to completion.


Capture, define and markup quality control tasks (e.g. Punch Lists) then upload them to Project Cloud to be managed by project team members.

PLANS APP - Mobile

View, markup and email documents while in the field, while working directly on a project plan.


Access, reply to, forward or file project emails. This Activity Center allows users to download attachments connected to emails filed by your project team.


Locate and access information for your project team members, organized by project. Contact team members with one tap of the screen; contact information is perpetually automatically updated, therefore current.


View and manage quality control items and assigned tasks for any team member while in the field.  This app allows you to add a photo or include one from the camera as well as add a comment and view comment history.


Easily and securely search and access network files and import new image files. Additionally, Project Center customers use cloud browser interfaces to create and manage action items.


Gain controlled access to external or remote internal team members and streamline contract administration and workflows using this web component of Project Center hosted within the IT infrastructure at your company.  Securely transfer and receive files too large for email and access a common set of project phases, tasks, action items, and more.  Additionally, Shared Folders coordinate the revisions on referenced CAD or BIM datasets by distributed teams.

Additional Features, Function and Add-Ins

  • BIM
  • Project Information Link add-in for Autodesk Revit
  • Compare functionality
  • EDMS integrations
  • Markup on the web
  • Microsoft Outlook add-in
  • My Project Center
  • Newforma Cloud
  • Newforma to Newforma
  • PCO Scoreboard
  • Project Home
  • Project Search
  • Snapshot

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