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Email Isn’t Going Anywhere. Whether You Like It Or Not. Here’s How You Can Master It

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Email. You can’t live with it. You can’t live without it.

But you can bring order to the inbox chaos.

The Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry is constantly evolving but one thing that is not going to change anytime soon is the use of email. If you try to eliminate the use of email, youll only frustrate people and slow down progress. Instead, you can leverage the use of email to maintain productivity and make sure that nothing critical gets missed in the process. 

Why Email Will Continue to be Used in AEC (and other industries – no doubt)

Email has become the natural backbone of the everyday business processes of an AEC firm, especially its project, contractual and operational communications, and it’s simply not realistic to turn your back to it, given its entrenchment in many business and communication workflows.

Disruption and loss of traceability and other benefits of formalized communications might arise if we completely abolish email. 

The Risks of Mismanaged Emails

While email is an indispensable tool, if mismanaged it can create lost information, missed deadlines, even legal liability. People can get buried under a pile of emails, making it difficult to track changes to projects, compliance with standards and deadlines, and perform other contractual obligations.

This is where Newforma Konekt comes in: it changes how AEC firms use email, ensuring that every email is accounted for and accessible. 

How Newforma Konekt Addresses Email Management Challenges

Newforma Konekt is a comprehensive solution for email management that integrates with your current systems. Here’s how it can change the way you handle email in all AEC projects. 

Newforma Konekt and OpenBIM Integration

Newforma Konekt is the first email integrator with BCF OpenBIM. This means that you can now easily migrate discussions and decisions from your inbox into the collaborative BIM environment. 

Enhanced Features

Save yourself from a project coordination nightmare using Newforma’s leading-edge project and information management tools to coordinate with the AECO community. Let your projects flow seamlessly with OpenBIM. 

Master Your Inbox

Rather than trying to eliminate the use of email as a primary vehicle for AEC communications – which wouldn’t be possible, anyway – it’s better to properly manage the mobile continuous stream of information and knit its content into project workflows. Newforma Konekt has the tools to make email your friend, not your enemy, and to ensure that every email you send and receive adds value to your projects.  

Say yes to the future of project information management with Newforma Konekt, where email is managed and not left as a toxic mess. Your projects are more likely to succeed, and you’ve got yourself a complete project record from A to Z, now and for years to come.