BIM Management

Building information modeling, done right, puts huge pressure on project information management. BIM requires more intense upfront collaboration, increases document management responsibilities, strains your file sharing methods and more. To help you adapt and flourish, Newforma provides an integrated suite of tools to manage the “I” in BIM.


Newforma makes products for project information management, but it could just as easily be called collaboration software. No matter what you’re doing, from sharing a model to accessing ProjectWise files to capturing a job site defect, you’re a click (or tap) away from involving other team members. Plus, subject to permissions you set, everyone can see what everyone else is doing.

Document Management

There are two schools of document management: the Purists and the Pragmatists. Purists use systems such as Bentley ProjectWise. Pragmatists use Newforma software (which integrates with ProjectWise!). With Newforma, everyone knows who got what, when and why. Current drawings and specs populate the Newforma Plans app for reference in the field. Document sets are easy to assemble. Record documents synchronize with Revit models, file transfers archive automatically, and much more.

Email Management

Email inboxes make for poor to-do lists, and email servers make even poorer long-term repositories of project data. But email has its virtues, so Newforma software integrates with email to make management simple and effective, whether at your desk or on your mobile devices. You’ll tie emails to submittals, action items and more, and file them with associated project data. And it’s a snap to find, even if you’re not the person who filed it!

Lean/Last Planner

Newforma software eliminates wasted motion and makes individuals more informed, productive and accountable. In other words, it’s made for lean project delivery. People in the field are using our apps to gain the same access to project information as they have at their desks. Project teams are using our cloud-based software to streamline document review. And companies are using our behind-the-firewall products to standardize best practices and make success repeatable.

Project File Access

Companies keep information on LANs, on WANs, on cloud servers, in ProjectWise, and in SharePoint. People, however, prefer a project to have one location for its plans, specs, submittals, RFIs, and other files. And when you’re away from your desk, you want that information on your phone or tablet. To meet these needs, Newforma provides solutions that streamline access to and sharing of information whether it’s in the office, in the cloud, or on the go.

Project Team

Projects are built by teams. Manage the team and you manage the project. Newforma products provide multiple ways at the desk, on the web, and on mobile devices to assemble, access, update, and organize project teams, and to make sure they have the information they need to succeed. And those tools integrate with Deltek and our Project Teams app, to eliminate duplicate data entry.

Quality Management

Newforma integrated solutions facilitate quality management in a way that’s not possible with an isolated app or desktop application. Information can flow from Revit to your document control center to your plans app, ensuring everyone is working from the latest drawings and specs. And notes and pictures captured on apps in the field upload to RFIs, action items, reports, and punch (a.k.a. “snag” or “defect”) lists managed at your desk. You can even link an RFI to its location in the model!

Requests For Information

Customer are telling us our cloud-based construction collaboration software is cutting RFI turnaround times 40 and 50 percent. For companies who wish to administer contracts on their servers, our behind-the-firewall product integrates with email, Revit, and web access to enable seamless, work-from-anywhere processes. Both products integrate with apps that bring RFI management to phones and tablets.


Most non-customers we talk to say time spent searching for information runs to a few hours per person per week. (Legal discovery times are off the charts.) Our products recoup that time for more productive tasks. Customers have told us they’ve found answers to questions while callers are still on the phone. At a time when discovery is expensive and clients evaluate a service by how responsive it is, those fast answers are invaluable.


Newforma products transform a tedious, error-prone construction management chore into a straightforward, productive process. And we give you a few options on how to do it, depending on your priorities and whether you’re collaborating with other Newforma customers. Naturally, you can add apps to the package.


Our customers are never more gleeful than when they tell us this story: “A team member tried to stall for time by saying ‘We did not receive those files,’ but I was able to say ‘Our software logs all transactions, and this person at your company downloaded them at this time and date.’” With Newforma software, transmittals and simple file transfers are as easy as email, but without its file size limitations, and with added security, transparency and accountability.

Viewer & Markups

Paper drawings and colored pens are simple, popular tools, but our software is simple too, and you can do so much more in so much less time with so much less risk of mistakes that electronic viewing and markup are two of our products’ most popular features. Every markup is a click away from its next step, whether sending for review or attaching to an action item. And if you want to preserve that pen-on-surface experience, we have an app to view, compare, mark up, and distribute plans at full size on large touch screens.