Construction Solutions

Project Information Management Software for General Contractors and Construction Managers


Lots of factors conspire to slow down project delivery. Incorrect information leads to rework. Submittals and RFIs get hung up in processing. Crews run late, which ripples across teams that follow them on the schedule. But new software for collaboration and project information management solves these problems, and more.

  • Be assured teams are working with the latest information.
  • Know the status of every submittal, RFI, design change and more.
  • Make well-informed decisions you don’t have to change later.

"Not only does Newforma Project Cloud provide tangible contract administration time-savings benefits, but it also results in harder-to-measure payback like eliminating lost, damaged and destroyed project documents."

- Shaw Construction

"The Newforma submittal solution reduced our processing time to 1/10th of our previous solution."

- Skender Construction

"Newforma is giving us a competitive advantage by connecting field operations with office operations. That integration is a big win for us."

- Lincoln Builders

"Newforma Project Cloud has slashed time wasted on busywork. Hours spent copying comments, printing, shipping, and filing are free to serve clients and move the project forward."

- Contractors Northwest Inc. (CNI)

"By cutting up to 40% from construction administration processing time, Newforma Project Cloud recaptures as many as 10 hours a week to be onsite, managing the project."

- Lillibridge