Project Center FAQs

Get immediate answers to a collection of the most frequently asked questions about Newforma Project Center.

Project Center FAQs

When will a dashboard be available for tracking my tasks, project status, and activities across one or more projects?

Today customers can purchase, thru Newforma Services, add-on tools for cross-project tracking of action items, RFI’s and Submittals. Newforma has prioritized a more integrated set of dashboards into NPC but this has not yet been scheduled with a release date.

How does Newforma make me more productive?

Newforma makes you more productive by allowing you to focus on the truly creative aspects of your job. We help reduce or even eliminate many of the administrative burdens that suck the life out of your day. Whether it’s helping you find the right piece of information in seconds, capture and access your project information wherever you work takes you, link your project emails to other project data, simplify the process of sharing information with the project team, standardizing the RFI/Submittal workflow or so much more, Newforma the gold standard for assuring architects and engineers are working at their peak productivity.

When will a stand-alone cloud version of Newforma be available?

A stand-alone cloud version of Newforma is one of our highest priorities but at this time has not been scheduled on the roadmap.

Is document “Check In / Check Out” be available?

We offer this through integration through EDMS integration with solutions such as SharePoint Online, Subversion, ProjectWise and FileNet. Customers can include project data sources for viewing, searching and linking to Newforma items from one or more EDMS systems in addition to traditional file storage systems.

What other best in class solutions does Newforma integrate?

Projects work best when all the project information is intelligently connected. Newforma PIM solution connects you to other best class products assuring project information is available when you need it and wherever you need it – at the office, from the cloud, or on the go. Newforma’s connected environment reduces your data double entry, mitigates your risk and improves your overall efficiency.

Our integrated options include:


  • MS Outlook and Exchange Server
  • MS Office 365
  • IMAP solutions like Google Gmail


  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • Google Drive


  • Deltek Vision
  • Microsoft Global Address List (GAL)
  • J-Media CMAP
  • Cubic-Interactive Rapport 3


  • Bentley ProjectWise
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • IBM FileNet


  • Panzura
  • Nasumi
  • Microsoft
  • Peer Software


  • BlueBeam PDF Revu
  • Adobe Acrobat


  • MS File System
  • Autodesk Revit
  • Other companies using their own installation of NPC

As Newforma expands its overall portfolio of “Connectors” to other best in class products, integrations will be made available to leading construction management tools (i.e. Procore, PlanGrid), 2D and 3D viewers, field focused tools as well as providing our own Developers Toolkit and API.

Whether we are researching out an old issue, enabling legal discovery or just answering a question, we need to know who did what and when on our projects.

Projects are complex. They involve many people from many companies constantly communicating and collaborating. Newforma ensures the entire project team’s actions are logged to drive accountability and share project information transparently while also capturing a full audit trail to mitigate risk.

Our extended project teams have problems collaborating especially during the CA phase of the project.

Whether it is reviewing and approving a submittal, providing an answer to an RFI, capturing a punch list item or managing changes to contracts, Newforma streamlines workflows, provides an audit trail, improves responsiveness, reduces delays, increases accountability, and improves project delivery.

Our profit margins are eroding due to the amount of nonbillable work that gets done at the firm. We continue to waste time…we are not focusing on the creative PM, design, etc, tasks. Instead we spend too much time on admin tasks while having to do more with less people then ever before.

To compete, architects, engineers and their extended project teams can no longer rely on outmoded (legacy) systems, inefficient processes and disjointed collaboration. Architects and engineers require a single view of up-to-date and project information that informs decisions and that is searchable to save time, so they can focus on creating the next generation of buildings and infrastructure. Newforma provides fast organization and searching of project data, access to data wherever your work takes you, visibility of the relationship between your project items, documents and emails as well as optimized workflows. All of which lead to a more optimized working environment and minimized administrative burdens.

Our project teams use several disparate systems for performing daily tasks related to financials, document sharing, contract administration, field work, etc. We have no way of easily relating, connecting and integrating all the data captured and managed in these systems.

Enable the design side of your architecture and engineering firm with a cloud-based software solution built to connect to your business partners. Our innovative solution connects seamlessly with other systems used on the project, allowing you and your extended project teams to leverage your project data without time-consuming double-entry or inefficient processes.

The ever-increasing amount of unstructured data (documents, project items, emails) related to today’s construction projects makes finding and using the data extremely cumbersome and difficult.

The first rule of managing unstructured data is NOT to try to organize it. Design is an iterative process and documents are in a continual state of change. Architects and engineers are too busy solving important design issues to be burdened with the clutter of having to move/file and tag project data. By indexing every file, action item and email on your network and unleashing the power of Newforma’s search technology that already understands the way documents in our industry are created and saved (as BIM models, XREF files, DWG’s, etc), we provide fast and easy access to all of your project files (including their itemized content) wherever you choose to store them.