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A Newforma® Project Cloud website gives your entire project team one place to process submittals and RFIs, redline and stamp documents, and compile a complete record of the project.

key productivity improvements

  • reduce

    submittal and RFI review time by 40% and more.

  • process

    submittals with as few as three clicks.

  • inform

    consultants and engineers in near-real time.

  • mitigate

    risk, remove confusion, and save time.

  • streamline

    responses and keep a history of all comments.

  • find

    information quickly and easily.

award-winning software

  • Set up and use in the same day.
  • Requires no user hardware.
  • Web-based training targets each discipline in your project team
  • Information is automatically synced with Newforma mobile apps

Construction management is the core of your job – and drives the highest value to the owner and your company. Not only does the Newforma Project Cloud construction administration process provide control and transparency for all activities, but it keeps the project on track and focused on real issues, all of which minimize finger pointing.

  • No more working from out-of-date documents.
  • No more hand-copying shop drawings.
  • No more printing document sets that no one will review until they are out of date.
  • No more looking for current documents.
  • Everyone eliminates wasteful administrative tasks.
  • Collaborative tools save work and mitigate risk
  • The software notifies you when other users have added comments, so you never worry about overlapping your stamps and markups.
  • Say goodbye to the non-productive administrative time spend processing submittals by hand.
  • With Newforma Project Cloud, there is no need to print, copy, collate, fax, e-mail, courier, or just plain drive them over to the job site.
  • Collaboration is the key for streamlined submittals. Since all project members and submittal documentation are managed in Newforma Project Cloud, submittals process rapidly. No more chaotic free-for-all.
  • Newforma Project Cloud displays statistics and graphs about RFIs to remind everyone of how the project is going.
  • RFIs are tracked and categorized by custom labels such as “clarifying,” or “confirming.”
  • All updates, comments, forwarding, and answers are attached to the RFI for the life of the project.
  • All project team members have access to the same log data.
  • Custom logs allow team members to create any log that’s important to them.
  • Simply set up your custom trades/disciplines and link the appropriate consultant, engineer or owner reviewer.
  • The auto-forward feature allows you complete flexibility and speed when receiving, reviewing, and forwarding.
  • Good search capabilities trump the best filing practices.
  • You can sort search results by date, description, number, and other parameters.
  • You may print a simple log with all the selected items, or print the full log and Newforma Project Cloud will display the information in spreadsheet format.

Design and construction are iterative processes, so documents change continually. That is why Newforma Project Cloud provides one central location for team members to retrieve the latest files.

  • Team members know the Newforma Project Cloud host always has the latest versions of documents.
  • It is radically less expensive than in-house storage, and professional management provides greater security.
  • Iterations on hundreds of documents are easily managed across the design and construction team.
  • With Newforma Project Cloud, you can create as many document types needed to support your project.
  • Since each project is unique, we allow you to add custom phases and document types for each project.
  • All construction documents have functional similarities in that they manage attachments, revision history, revision numbers, and are referenced throughout Newforma Project Cloud.
  • Newforma Project Cloud manages the versioning of the documents and provides a complete history of every sheet and specification section.
  • Newforma Project Cloud maintains a complete history of drawing sheets and specifications from design through construction.
  • The sheet and specification index serves as the foundation for the project.
  • As revisions are created, submittals reviewed, RFIs answered or field reports issued you can cross-reference them back to the sheets and specs for a real-time archive of the project.
  • Many times in the course of a project, team members will want to know the steps that led to a design or construction decision.
  • Newforma Project Cloud allows users to connect and cross-reference these documents.
  • Submittals, RFIs, meeting notes, addendums, CCDs – even your own document types – can be tied to any other document in the project.
  • You email a link to team members, and they click the link to download files.
  • The activity log shows each individual user’s actions, so you can see when a file was downloaded, uploaded, deleted, or renamed.
  • You may download the activity log as necessary.
  • Archives are offline packages that include all information from the live site.
  • Archives are easily downloaded by all major team members, ensuring the entire team, including the owner, has the data at the end of the project.

Successful project management results from control, focus, transparency and information access. Newforma Project Cloud makes it easy to manage the thousands of RFIs, specs, sheets, submittals, meeting notes and field reports that are part of every project.

  • When users log in they are shown their open action items.
  • If they need copies of documents there is no need to ask you for them – they just click and go.
  • Newforma Project Cloud also provides a central repository for meeting minutes.
  • Documents, submittals, RFIs, spec sheets, and your own document types can be cross-referenced to meeting minutes.
  • Newforma Project Cloud tracks the location and who was there.
  • Upload your current meeting notes or use the tools we provide. You can add attachments – pictures, external documents, or anything on the system and cross-reference any item back to the meeting notes.
  • You can establish as many meeting types as necessary.
  • The Newforma Project Cloud message forum maintains project management discussions, opinions and general team input.
  • As with all Newforma Project Cloud capabilities, you control who has access to message threads.
  • Project members can access Newforma Project Cloud from any web browser, and every transaction is date- and time-stamped.

Be sure your project is under control and conforming to the design intention. Manage RFIs and quality control (QC) elements such as punch lists, work-to-complete items, safety observations, and inspections. Integration with the Newforma suite of mobile apps enables real-time, in-the-field item capture and review with a tablet or smartphone.

  • Define one or more QC item types to reflect your project’s working methods.
  • Organize and manage key data, including subject, description, space, trade, assignee, due date, photos, and markups.
  • Control your project via role-based permissions that define who can add and edit items.
  • Manage and track all of your QC items in one sortable, filterable and reportable interface.
  • Manage key attributes, including space number, name, type, level and other custom fields.
  • Filter by level and space type.
  • Import Excel spreadsheet data with the help of Newforma Cloud Support.
  • Each project’s most current project plans and specifications are delivered automatically to your iPad.
  • Mark up and email documents while in the field.
  • Zoom and pan documents quickly.
  • Create and locate quality control items directly on the relevant plan.
  • Designate your favorite plans for quick access.
  • Available for iPads and iPhones.
  • Gather construction quality control tasks, such as punch lists.
  • For captured items, define what it is, where you observed it and, who and when somebody needs to respond.
  • Snap, mark up, and attach photos to captured items.
  • Upload items to Newforma Project Cloud to be managed by you or team members.
  • Manage quality control field tasks from your iPad or iPhone.
  • View past-due or coming-due items for yourself or any team member who’s been assigned tasks.
  • Filter items by type, status, space, assignee, due date, and more.
  • Add a photo or include one from the Camera Roll.
  • View the comment history, or leave a new comment.
  • Use on iPads, iPhones, or Android smartphones and tablets
  • Find contacts and companies organized by project.
  • Automatic updates eliminate manual management.

download construction specs

These construction specs have been prepared in CSI 2004 format. They are designed to assist the design and construction team in generating collaborative administrative procedures during construction and bidding. Text may be altered or removed as required. Please contact or call 800-303-4650 for questions or if you need assistance with specifications.

This text is intended to supplement existing administrative procedures. It is not intended to replace specification section 01 30 00.

include newforma project cloud in BID Documents

Design teams are encouraged to include the use of Newforma Project Cloud within bidding specifications. Our per-project fee structure allows for the cost of the service to be included with contractor bids.


Find Newforma Project Cloud under division 01 30 00 – Project Management Procedures.

“Historically, our industry takes two to three weeks to turn around submittals. Using Newforma Project Cloud, the project team processed over 700 submittal packages, typically with three to four reviewers, in a average of 9.1 calendar days each.”
Cuningham Group
“Newforma Project Cloud transforms a process that took dozens of steps in six systems to three steps in one system. By saving 30 minutes per submittal, we recapture hundreds of hours to serve clients and preserve the schedule.”
Mascaro Construction
“Newforma Project Cloud has been incredibly useful in eliminating paperwork and improving turnaround time on RFIs and submittals.”
“Newforma Project Cloud has slashed time wasted on busywork. Hours spent copying comments, printing, shipping, and filing are free to serve clients and move the project forward.”
“By cutting up to 40 percent from construction administration processing time, Newforma Project Cloud recaptures as many as 10 hours a week to be on the site, managing the project.”

Case Study

“Newforma Project Cloud has slashed time wasted on busywork. Hours spent copying comments, printing, shipping, and filing are free to serve clients and move the project forward.”

mobile apps

Capture and access project information on your smartphone or tablet.


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