Be confident your teams are working with the most current project information

Project Information at your Fingertips

Newforma Mobile Apps make project information available to the people who need it, where they need it. Leave those cameras, notebooks, and paper drawings in the office. And instead of hiking back and forth from the trailer to consult project information, stay on-site, facilitating better communication, coordination and relationships.

Newforma app data synchronizes wirelessly with Newforma software used at the desk. Everything works together to reduce the chances of mistakes and expedite project delivery.

key productivity improvements

  • streamline

    punch list capture and verification.

  • see

    the latest project files on your smartphone or tablet.

  • bring

    contact info with you into the field.

  • record

    your site visits and daily reports without leaving the field.

  • enrich

    punch lists and field notes with pictures, videos and audio files.

  • find

    project emails in seconds.

Cloud Services Apps

Newforma App

  • Access projects managed using Newforma Cloud Services.
  • Upload files and photos to the project.
  • Access and work on your shared project files from anywhere.
  • Wherever the work takes you, your documents are secure.
  • NOTE: This app is being developed quickly; more functions will arrive often!

Newforma app roadmap: Over time, more and more functions of other apps will be consolidated into the Newforma App.

Field Reports App

  • Record people and companies on site.
  • Document which equipment is being used, when.
  • Automatically record weather conditions you specify.
  • Enrich field observations with photos and markups.
  • View a timeline of recorded events.
  • Generate, upload and email reports.

*Newforma Labs gets apps into your hands as early as possible to test functionnality. Once you determine the most useful features, we add them to the Newforma app, which integrates with Newforma Cloud Services. For that reason, Newforma Labs products are the exception to the rule of mobile-desktop integration. They are freestanding products to use at no charge!

Enterprise Apps

plans app

  • The most current project plans, associated with their corresponding projects, are automatically delivered to your Apple® iPad® tablet.
  • Zoom and pan documents quickly.
  • Mark up and email documents while in the field.

capture app

  • Move quickly through the site – the app stores data locally until you upload it, permitting faster captures
  • For each captured item, define what it is, where you observed it and, if applicable, who and when somebody needs to respond.
  • Snap, markup, and attach photos to captured items.

project email app

  • Download attachments to emails filed by your project team.
  • Reply and forward as needed
  • Available for Apple, Microsoft Windows, or Android smartphone and tablets.

project teams app

  • Contacts and companies are already associated with their corresponding projects.
  • Automatic updates eliminate the need for manual management.
  • Use on iPad®, iPhone®, and Android® smartphones and tablets.

Tasks App

  • Manage field tasks, including action items, field notes and punch lists.
  • View past-due or coming-due items for any assigned team member.
  • Update statuses, descriptions, locations, and assignments.
  • Add a photo, or include one from the Camera Roll.
  • View the comment history or leave a new comment.

“Even our most technology-challenged partners are able to share files online, and Bruner/Cott people are using the Newforma app to reference files when working out in the field.”

Case Study

“Newforma is giving us a competitive advantage by connecting field operations with office operations. That integration is a big win for us.”

Case Study

“The Newforma Plans app enables SSFM to efficiently monitor the jobsite. We have eliminated confusion by assuring we always have complete and current plans and specifications available on-site”


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