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visual production planning software for design and construction

Key Features

  • virtual notes

    LeanPlanner takes manual project plan sticky notes and digitizes them. It automatically captures change histories, and you never run out of space.

  • visual responsibilities

    Workers can easily view work they’ve completed, work they are currently doing, and future tasks to be planned.

  • in-depth project reports

    Real-time plan percentage complete reports show exactly where you stand. Duplicate data entry is never required and large, cumbersome spreadsheets become a thing of the past.

  • constant access

    With the LeanPlanner mobile app, easy project management is a swipe away. Key players can search and edit wherever mobile data is available.

  • improved predictability

    Analytics automatically track data for insights on task successes and failures, giving valuable workflow feedback.

  • capitalize on efficiency

    Make lean even leaner by slashing the time and energy required to manage the process.


Newforma LeanPlanner is intuitive enough to identify one-off problems, yet intelligent enough to predict omni-project trends. Use reliable, authorized project information to anticipate constraints and capitalize on opportunities before they pass you by.

When workers are able to dive into project plans, they feel confident discussing realistic timelines and are more likely to collaborate to find practical solutions.


Newforma LeanPlanner is powered by LeanKit, a leader in enterprise lean process and work management software. Every day, all around the world, 50,000 teams of all types – information technology, operations, sales, marketing, human resources, legal, finance, and software and product development – rely on LeanKit software. Now it’s your turn.