Manage document and contract changes throughout the construction phase of a project

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Newforma® Contract Management is an add-on module to Newforma Project Center that provides a comprehensive solution for managing document and contract changes during the construction process. Whether it is reviewing and approving a submittal, providing an answer to an RFI, or managing changes to contracts, Newforma Project Management streamlines workflows, provides an audit trail, improves responsiveness, reduces delays, increases accountability, and improves project delivery.

Newforma Contract Management is adaptable to any of the primary project delivery methods, including traditional design-bid-build, design/build, fast track, and integrated project delivery methods.

key productivity improvements

  • Streamline

    submittal and RFI management

  • Manage

    ASIs, proposal requests, change orders, etc.

  • Capture

    and connect interrelated contract management work processes

Key features


The Submittals activity center in Newforma Contract Management enables you to effectively log submittals and track them through their approval process. It provides a way to track the status of active submittals throughout the review cycle.


The RFIs activity center in Newforma Contract Management enables you to receive, review, track, and log RFIs electronically. You can log and track any question, answer, and electronic file transfers (whether done via Info Exchange, email, or a drag and drop site) as an RFI.

Potential Change Orders

The Potential Change Orders (PCOs) activity center provides project managers with tools to quantify the impact of changes during the course of the project. They eliminate uncertainty by securing agreement from everyone affected by the change.

PCO Scoreboard

At each stage of development, the PCO scoreboard provides project managers a graphical, at-a-glance status of their PCOs and directs their attention to the important issues currently needing attention.

Site Visits

Make it easier for safety, quality assurance, design professionals and others to create trip reports. Gather observations while walking down the site using the Field Notes app, clarifying problems with annotated photos. Categorize observations for trend analysis, and cross-reference design documents or applicable regulations.

Daily Reports

Record the official daily snapshot of jobsite statuses and activities: companies, headcount, major activities, weather, rental equipment, deliveries and more. Reduce the daily report creation time and increase its value by including observations collected by multiple members of the project team. Finalize and distribute reports through a controlled and fully auditable process.


Newforma Contract Management includes the ability to track contracts related to projects. Contracts have an email log for tracking email messages. It can be used to view related email and file email messages sent among team members about the contracts.

Change Orders

Newforma Contract Management includes the ability to issue and track change orders. A change order (CO) is a signed written order legally amending a contract to affect a change in requirements, cost, or schedule to a previously negotiated contract.

Proposal Requests

Newforma Contract Management includes the ability to issue and track proposal requests. Proposal requests (PRs) are documents that the designer issues to a contractor to solicit an itemized quote for changes to a contract’s schedule/time.

Supplemental Instructions

Newforma Contract Management includes the ability to issue and track supplemental instructions. Supplemental instructions are formal notifications used by architects to issue additional instructions or to order minor changes in the project.


Newforma Contract Management includes the ability to issue and track bulletins. Bulletins are issued when changes occur that affect the project drawings and specifications after the detail design is complete and a contract is awarded for the project.


Newforma Contract Management includes the ability to issue and track addendums. After the project is sent out to bid, a change to the original bid documents may be required to address questions that come in (in the form of an RFI), or address changes required for the project.

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“Newforma software enables us to do more with less. We’re more responsive; we produce higher quality documentation and more organized audit trails; at the same time, we’ve eliminated many manual and error-prone steps from the process”

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