Streamline BIM workflows and improve decision-making

Integrate Building Information Modeling With Project Information Management

Newforma® Building Information Management is an add-on module to Newforma® Project Center that reduces risk, improves the management of BIM workflows, and enables more-informed decisions to be made more quickly.

Newforma Building Information Management features include the Newforma Project Information Link, which is an add-in to Revit. Newforma Building Information Management integrates with Autodesk Revit Architecture, Autodesk Revit Structure, Autodesk Revit MEP design, and AutoCAD software.

key productivity improvements

  • Link

    building model elements to project information

  • Extend

    Extend access to the model

  • Provide

    a shared visual context for joint decision-making

  • Coordinate

    BIM design

  • Conduct

    searches of model object properties

  • Improve

    collaboration throughout design and construction

Key features

Link Building Model Elements

Link the model’s space and system elements with Newforma® Project Center-managed items such as markups, RFIs, submittals, and action items. Streamline the management of space planning by synchronizing data between the model and Excel® spreadsheets. Streamline the management of sheets generated from Revit by synchronizing data between the model and Excel.

Case Study

“Newforma-to-Newforma connectivity means everyone is working with up-to-date information…”

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Capture and access project information on your smartphone or tablet.


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