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Share Files

Ensuring that everyone on the team is working from the most current documents is critical to project success. Yet sharing files remains a challenge for most project teams.

Although there is an abundance of file-sharing tools on the market today⁠—DropBox, FTP, email, etc., each has limitations that can hinder your ability to send files to the right person⁠—at the right time. File sharing through Newforma is easy⁠, with flexible options that work best for you.
  • Transfer files directly from Microsoft Outlook with Project Center’s Outlook Add-in.
  • External team members have instant access to files with a single click through an email notification or by logging into Newforma’s external user portal⁠—no license required.
  • Set an expiration date on the file download and Newforma will send reminder notifications to users.
  • Track the status of when files are received, fully or partially downloaded, and who accessed them.
  • Share files located anywhere from Project Center’s common user interface, no need to log into multiple systems to share files from your file server, Microsoft SharePoint Online, or from Bentley ProjectWise.
“To deliver superior service, we must bridge gaps wherever they exist. We’ve invested in Newforma software to track issues, share project information, and find the most current communications and files almost as if everyone was in the same office.”
Wood & Grieve Engineers
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