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Document Management

Managing hundreds of drawings, sheets, and specification files throughout the life cycle of a project is a major challenge for most project teams.

Project Center provides a flexible environment to manage key document deliverables through planning, design, construction, and closeout. The entire project team benefits from streamlined workflows and easy access to the project’s most current version of documents.
  • Synchronize and manage revisions directly from Revit to update sheet properties and generate updated PDFs or DWG™ sheet sets to the latest revision.
  • Track who received each revision and document issuance.
  • Identify clashes and create action items to quickly resolve issues with the Autodesk Revit™ Add-in.
  • Access all related information from one place with a graphical preview, access to revisions, and links to any related information such as action items, RFIs, markups, and supporting documents.
  • Compare changes between baseline and revised drawings, project folders/files, and document sets. Deletions, additions, and changes are color-coded to easily identify differences in versions.
  • View sheets generated from Autodesk Revit in the Plans mobile apps or Newforma’s Info Exchange website.
For construction projects that must demonstrate their processes adhere to specific standards (i.e., ISO 19650), Newforma provides tools to share documents, track issuances, and manage revisions, all with a complete audit trail.
“At BDP, nobody has to wonder where things are and what the file structure is. Newforma Software is that one port of call for all information on a project- whether it be drawings, schedules, quality management information, or compliance.”
Desmond McGarry