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Action Items

Action items are at the heart of any project. And how action items are managed is the key to project success.

Identify and manage critical project action items from one central place to help your project stay on budget and on schedule. Throughout the project life cyle, action items can be assigned, tracked, and managed to completion from one central location. Eliminating multiple action item lists help project teams stay focused on top priority items before they become overdue.
  • Keep all team members on task with a centralized list of action items.
  • Alert all project team members when action Items are created, updated, or completed.
  • Save time responding to action items by linking related documents including email correspondence, markups, or drawings.
  • Remotely access and manage action items from Newforma’s mobile applications.
  • No need to look in several places to track tasks — manage your action items from one master list that integrates with Autodesk Revit™, Autodesk Navisworks™, and Microsoft Outlook™.
“Newforma software provides considerable advantages on complex, large-scale projects and their numerous potential risk issues.”
LMN Architects
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