Newforma Project Center

Focus on the work you love.

Let us worry about the rest.

Everything you need to move the project forward in the palm of your hand.

Access Everything

Many firms use an array of applications to design and build. As a result, critical information related to a project may be spread out over a variety of sources making it difficult to find and manage.

Newforma Project Center extends across applications and unifies your project information in one central view.
  • Access project files wherever they happen to live.
  • View all project emails regardless of who sent or received it.
  • Respond to submittals and RFIs regardless of which system the contractor is using.

Newforma Project Center addresses these challenges head on.

With Project Center Dashboards, you can track action items, find related files, and review RFI and submittal status all from one place.
  • See what items are coming due and avoid overdue items with the Project Summary.
  • Quickly locate key documents and files with Project Files, and track who has recently accessed or worked on a document.
  • Improve your team’s response time performance for submittals and RFIs with the Construction Management Dashboard.
“One of the major risks associated with a construction project is delay of project completion,” says Senior Vice President Patrick McAleese, PE. “Newforma shortens response times and creates a concise record that is hard to dispute, thereby mitigating risk.”
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