What is Info Exchange

Project delivery is collaborative. But project teams are distributed across multiple offices, companies, and teams. Newforma's Info Exchange tool makes it easy to collaborate effectively.

Key Benefits of Info Exchange:

  • Unlimited external users
  • Meets the highest standards for security and access controls
  • Full audit trail and workflow history
  • No file size limits

Why Project Center is the best PIM software

Project Center enables frictionless delivery of files directly into your project folder
Project Center enables you to view all project information, wherever it resides
Project Center enables you to organize, view and link to all project email and attachments

Newforma Solutions Offer Freedom of Choice

Info Exchange users collaborating with Newforma Project Center users now have more choices for managing project information. 

ConstructEx - With over 43,000 active users, cloud-based ConstructEx provides contractors with a complete database of construction administration information. The Workflow Connector for ConstructEx automates the flow of submittals and RFIs between Newforma’s Project Center and ConstructEx keeping your project information in sync.

Project Center - Newforma's flagship solution connects everyone on the project team to the information they need. Collaborate with other Project Center users directly with the Newforma to Newforma feature, and access information located anywhere with Newforma Connectors.

Newforma Connectors - use the construction administration tool that works best for your firm. Collaborate with Project Center users with Newforma Connectors.