Newforma Project Center

Newforma Info Exchange

What is Info Exchange

Info Exchange is a website that is included with Project Center and is designed to enable Project Center users to easily share information with external team members.

Benefits for Project Center users include:
  • Easily share information and automate the creation of file transfer logs by using Newforma Project Center and the Info Exchange website.
  • Allows Newforma Project Center customers to set expiration dates for time-sensitive documents, making sure that users only have access to the latest, most up-to-date information.
  • A platform for Newforma Project Center customers to share and track RFI, Submittal, Document Control and Change Order workflows, streamlining the amount of time and removing the manual steps for Project Center users to share and track transferred documents and workflow actions during review.

Looking for a better option to manage project information?

Newforma Project Center and N2N (Newforma to Newforma)

As a Project Center user, your firm has all of the advantages of a full Project Information Management solution including email management, integrations with other AEC solutions, and Project Center’s powerful search.

As an added benefit, Project Center users can connect directly with other Project Center users via the Newforma to Newforma connection (N2N). This ensures the seamless and secure flow of information between firms.

Benefits of Project Center and N2N:
  • Simplifies the file transfer process by eliminating the need for recipients to log in and download files from the other party’s Info Exchange website while maintaining a full audit history of all transfers.
  • Project folders can be securely synchronized directly between each company’s file servers. Folder synchronization doesn’t require any software to be running on user’s workstations.
  • Automates the exchange and coordination of RFIs, submittals, and other contract management items between contractors, architects and using Project Center.
  • Share a single list of Action Items to ensure that all Project Center users have visibility into what needs to get done.
  • Multiple layers of security ensure N2N connections including encryption of all transactions.

Newforma ConstructEx and the ConstructEx Connector

Designed for contractors, ConstructEx is Newforma’s cost effective, easy to use, cloud-based construction administration product. It enables users to process submittals and RFIs to Project Center users directly using the ConstructEx Connector. ConstructEx may be purchased by project and in addition to submittals and RFIs, it includes document management, field management, and team communication.