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Meet the Team – Tammy Fuller

September 5th, 2023

Senior VP Software Engineering

When it comes to contemporary software engineering, Tammy Fuller got in on the ground floor. Today, she’s the one in charge of operational productivity, quality and efficiency of Newforma’s various applications, as Senior VP of Software Engineering. “I attended Salem State University in 1985, which was an interesting time to pursue software engineering,” Tammy recalls. America was still recovering from the Video Games Crash of 1983, but that sense of wonder and optimism about computers was still growing every day. “When I graduated in 1987, software engineering was a very different beast than it is today. Teams used to be massive — we’re talking hundreds of developers and quality engineers for one product — and there was very little automation. You can’t imagine the pressure to get things done quickly. For most owners, the best solution was to throw workers at the problem instead of taking the time to improve efficiency and process.  Today, thanks in part to experienced engineers and the drive for continuous improvement, we’ve found better ways to work. As the Senior VP of Software Engineering at Newforma,  Tammy’s primary focus is to drive predictability for the team. “Sometimes it’s like herding cats, sure, but the team’s pretty amazing, with a can-do attitude.”

Tammy started at Newforma in 2015, as Director of Quality.  Quality is her first love and passion, and it’s ingrained in everything she does.  She was hired with a mission to help develop the first iteration of “Newforma Cloud”. She remembers being impressed by Newforma’s technology, where it was, where it was going, the mobile strategies, the web strategies, the large client server… variety, in other words, is a good way to pique Tammy’s interests.

“Newforma is a great company to work with; our leadership always keeps a keen focus on its people’s career aspirations and how they can help make these aspirations happen,” says Tammy. “Being promoted to Senior VP was a grateful acknowledgement for the work I’ve done for Newforma for the past 8 years.” 


Tammy and the teams she’s led have built stimulating workspaces for themselves. For example, you can always find games and puzzles laid out on tables in their office, because sometimes it’s important to take a break from looking at lines of code. “If you refocus your brain on something new, you can often find a new perspective on how to solve a challenge.” 

“Engineering is a process, so even when it doesn’t work, we can still look at what we’ve learned along the way. Ultimately, that first iteration of Newforma Cloud turned out to be unsustainable and unscalable, but today we’ve launched Newforma Konekt, which was built in part on the foundations of what we previously learned the first time around.  It’s pretty exciting!”

Away from work, Tammy spends time on the beach at her Old Orchard Beach vacation home in Maine. “The beach is my happy place. And if my feet aren’t in the sand, then I’m sitting at a campfire in the woods and with my grandsons and husband. I’m very outdoorsy; I see enough screens at work.”

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