Can Technology Solve the Problems It Creates?

A report on the Business Development Institute’s Future of Engineering Technology roundtables

This concise, quick-reading report summarizes how leading engineering firms are responding to challenges everyone faces:

  • How to manage a tsunami of emails and files inside and among collaborating companies.
  • How to mitigate the risk of mismanaged data.
  • How to use information management for a competitive advantage.
"These days everyone has smartphones, cameras, iPads. There are a lot of photographs being taken on the sites. Now we can upload and search through all those project images. We can use these images for proposals, new projects, for actually enhancing some of our drawing designs to show a bit more visual aspects of the project."

"Having one place to go to find all project data saves hundreds of hours a year in electronic discovery."

"We need to search quickly, get the information, get it onto drawings and get it out."

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